300 Gallon Saltwater Tank – $1500 (Ann Arbor, Mi.)


Our company is selling our 300 gallon saltwater setup.

Tank is Acrylic. Everything in photos would be included. You (as in you and a couple of your friends!) would need to dismantle and haul away. I can answer specifics on components, live stock, live rock etc.

$1500 OBO

Note…another Trifisher find and buy!! I’ll update with pics. 11/24/14

Bar aquarium, Westland ,Mi.


Bar aquarium $200 Westland 733gal.
96″x42″x42″…bar aquarium…$200

***note-I tried to buy this tank. No response in e-mail…twice. Must be sold. I calculated at 733gal. but picture shows that depth and height are not the same. I will update if e-mail is answered…Trifisherjoe.

300 Gallon Aquarium Reef System w/ all necessary equipment – $3950 (Phoenix, North, Az. )

00 Gallon Aquarium designed for a Reef System with all necessary equipment.

300 Gallon Leemar Frameless Fish Tank custom designed and built for a Reef Environment. l

$3950.00 or first reasonable offer!

*** 300 Gallon Aquarium Reef System w/ all necessary equipment ***

All necessary equipment included. Fish Tank can be used as a Fish Only Aquarium or a full blown Giant Reef System.72″ Aqualight Pro with 3 250 HQI Metal Halide bulbs, 4 96 watt Compact Flourescent Actinic bulbs, 4 Blue Moon Glow Led lights. Includes 4 Ballasts, mounting legs, cooling fans.
1-35 gallon Sump.1-ASM G3 Protein Skimmer1-25 Watt Emperor AAquatics Smart UV Sterilizer.1-40 Watt Emperor Aquatics Smart UV Sterilizer.1-Spectrapure MaxCap RO/DI 90 gallons per day water purifier.1.1 horse power MJ Aquarium Chiller.All the necessary pumps, hoses, power heads etc. . .. included.Tank is in Phoenix. (32nd and Thunderbird)

Contact Brandon at 6O2-885-5705

375 Gallon Acrylic “L shape” Aquarium Saltwater Set Up – $2495 (chandler az)

375 Gallon Saltwater system that includes: 375 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium with black back “L Shape” the main panel is (72 1/4″”x24 1/4″x36 1/4″) & the other is (24″x24 1/4″x36 1/4″) With 2-overflow boxs, 1-36″ & 1-48″ Current LED Pro Strip Lights, Current Single Ramp Timer, Ocean Clear Filter with cart, Nu-Clear Bio Filter, Rainbow 40 Watt UV Sterilizer (New Bulb), 10 month old 1/3 HP Current Chiller, 2-PCX40 Pump, Tetra Air Pump & Tubing, Rio 2100 powerhead, Acrylic lids, 200 LBS Lace Rock, & Plumbing Parts! It came out of a wall so will need a stand or build into wall. (DOES NOT INCLUDE WATER OR FISH) Tank has been taken down.

All New this was over 15k

Asking $2495 OBO

Call or text 602-622-0631 With any questions

For an extra fee tank can be moved and installed at you home or office!