Waterfall Aquarium $2500 (Tx, The Fish Gallery)

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We have yet another aquarium to list if it’s ok!

This is a three tier glass waterfall aquarium 64″ length, 40″ width, and tier heights of 20″ 17″ and 14″

Stainless steel stand included

Asking $2500!

Thank you

Fish Gallery, Inc.

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Huge Aquarium, 4ftTall tank, 400gl, It’s a beautifu – $1700 (Maricopa, Arizona), 4/10/15 price drop$1200!! SOLD!!!


Huge Aquarium, 4ft Tall tank, 400gl, It’s a beautify – $1700

Huge Aquarium for Sale ONLY $1,700
(Won’t go lower, cash only)

SaltWater or FreshWater Aquarion

• It’s a beautiful tank.
The tank is 4 feet deep, the cabinet + the tank + the canopy is almost 8 feet tall.

• Beautiful cabinet.

• 48″ Tall tank, 400gl is a very large aquarium. (Volume show calculations 387 Gallons).

• Made of 1″ thick acrylic.

• The tank has one FIX issue ( was one crack that never leak) on one corner. The corner has been reinforce by a 1″X 2″ acrylic.

• The Aquarium Includes:
1. – Sump with biospheres (see picture)
2. – Cabinet and hood
3. – Lots of reef rocks (dry)

Important things to consider:
• The aquarium will not fit in a truck, you need to bring a trailer to pick up. (I won’t deliver)
• The tank will is approximate 48″ wide, so plan on how you will bring this in to a house. (Need a double door or through a big window)
• The aquarium is extremely heavy, to pick up you need to come with 6 strong guys and everyone has to use 2 suction cups to be able to lift the tank. (Suction cups can be buy online at “harbor freight”)

  • ☎ 4807798507 Ernesto
  • Price drop $1200!! Call now

Two 500gal. Acrylic Tanks(Reno,NV)

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#1-(pictured)-I have a 500 gallon acrylic saltwater tank with 12 turbo heads, titanium heater, UV sterilizer, protein skimmer, sump. A lighting system that will light up your home $5000obo, I live Reno NV 7753785089 Johnny call for pics, must pick up.

#2-I have a huge 500 gallon acrylic tank, but show tank, it’s a tall. I’d like to sell with all top of the line accessories, UV sterilizers, heaters, sump. I live in Reno and I’m only asking $5000obo also have a protein skimmer octopus, reflow pump, wave maker, Cup electronics- tells you when your water is low. Looks  exactly like one I’m selling, it’s in the back of my garage covered up with a cover and I don’t want to uncover it, so I don’t think anybody will notice.

Motivated seller! Might trade one tank for a large cylinder tank + cash. Call for details…

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