300 gallon fish tank – $3000 (Walled lake, Michigan)


Looking to sell the whole set up not interested in parting out
And lots of extras

3000 with the sump and 2 canister filters Neptune apex system heater the to blower fans lights all live rock and fish and there’s a uv light also have the box for I think every thing with manuals

2500 for everything except the 2 canister filters

I also have a new d link wifi camera that will go with it

When I bought the tank the guy tried to drill the holes for over flow and shattered the bottom so I have replaced that it’s all 1/2 tempered glass with 3 holes drilled before it was tempered also the top and bottom frame is all custom built with 3/16 angle iron and powder coated black so it won’t rust

There is about 75-100 of live rock


5 clown fish
4 electric blue damsel
2 wrasse
2 yellow tangs
1 royal purple
1 snowflake eel
1 red hair crab
12 turbo snail
2 emerald crabs
1 chocolate chip star fish
1 long nose butterfly fish
All fish are eating well and healthy
Tank is fully cycled

I have 3 bags of ocean salt each bag dose 50 gallons all the testing equipment



Aquarium, fish, 300 gallon – $2000 (Fort Collins, Wyoming)


97 x 64 x 25
Aquarium, fish, 300 gallon, single-cast acrylic, clear-for-life tank. Includes all equipment for circulation, filtration, lighting and maintenance. Includes 2 complete sets of decorative coral. Gravel and various sea shells. Tank stand/cabinets and hood, green marble pattern.

Dimensions: Tank, 96 x 29 x 24. Stand, 97 x 31 x 25. Hood, 97 x 6 x 25. Overall, 97 x 65 x 25.

Tank and cabinets are in good condition. System was in use and professionally maintained for 11 years.

System does not include fish.

Buyer is responsible for any and all costs in moving system to buyer’s facilities.

Aquarium 300 Gallon Acrylic – $1750 Nashvilole, TN


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For Sale 300 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium With Stand, Canopy, Sump, Return Pump For Sump, Water Cut Off Float ,Plumbing Parts,Filters,Heater,Thermostat, Tons of lights & Fixtures- Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, T5 , etc . Live Rock , Wave Makers , Nets, Reef Octopus Coralvue Protien Skimmer With 8″ Cup , & Tiger Shark Floating Magnetic Acrylic Tank Cleaner . The Measurement Of the Complete Setup is 103″ Long 90″Tall 36″wide , The Aquarium Alone Is 96″Long 26″Tall 30″Wide


Huge Aquarium Fish tank stingray – $5000 (Los Lunas, New Mexico)


Need to sell everything. Freshwater stingrays, huge 750+ gallon aquarium, glass. With under tank refugum, 270 gallon.
Lighting by Build My Led.
Will need to build a stand.
Price is negotiable. Rays are 3 years old and have had pups (babies).
About 15k invested. Will need several people to move glass tank.
Will sell rays individually to experienced individuals.
Rays are 500 to 1200 each, obo.
Motoro, Marble, black diamonds.

CO2 included, 2 1000W heaters, UV light, extra lighting for smaller tank. 8 total Led lights custom for growing plants and show . Extra sand in bags, tons of stuff. 254-four 5 eight-5479.
Texas number but live in Los Lunas. Will not answer a million questions. If your serious, you will know this is not a cheap setup.

Marineland 300DD fish tank aquarium – $1500 (Silverado Ranch, Nevada)


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I have a 300DD Marineland tank setup for sale. Everything is included that is listed below, the setup is a year old.

Tank and custom powder coated stand – 2700
2x Vertex V6 return pumps – 400
2x Finnex titanium heaters – 80
Custom sump – 800
2x EoTech MP40 powerheads with silent wetsides – 250
Reef Octopus 3000 skimmer – 500
BulkReefSupply filters – 100
Salt water mixing station – 200
RO/DI 5 stage water filter – 300
AquaController with 2 power packs – 650
Tunze ATO – 150
Misc Plumbing parts – make me an offer

That’s everything priced out as new. The tank is all plumbed and ready to go, the only thing it doesn’t come with are the lights. All the plumbing is done with unions for cleaning and easy maintainace. There are also check valves on the overflows to prevent siphoning.

What I’ll sell everything for.

Pumps-150 each
Heaters-30 each
Powerheads-100 each
BRS filters-40
Mixing station-100
Aqua controller-400
Auto top off-100

300 gallon salt water aquarium – complete set up – $2200 (Marietta, Georgia)


Thought I was ready to get back into the hobby, but just don’t have the time to keep the tank the way I want to. So here goes. Tank is up and running but I only have 6 fish and a few non collectible corals that will go with it.

300 gallon Tennecor tank stand and canopy. There are some scratches (it is acrylic) but I have a scratch removal kit that I just have not used yet. You can only see the scratches close up.

Odysea 60″ light with 3 250watt metal halide and 4 T5 bulbs and some night time LED’s

Eshopps RS-300 sump

Two Jebao RW-20 circulation pumps 20,000 l/h adjustable and programmable

Jebao DCT -15000 l/h return pump

BRS 4 stage RODI unit 75 gpd

Skimz SM51 skimmer with 2 pumps

JBJ Auto Top off with pump

Reef Keeper Elite V2 never used

3 – 55 gallon plastic drums 1 fresh water – 1 salt water – 1 waste water

200+ pounds of live rock

Sand, fish, clean up crew and coral will go with the tank.

Assorted other pumps, nets, magnetic cleaners, you know

Got $4000 invested. Want $2000 for everything. If no interest I will break it down later.

300 gal glass aquarium (Haskell, New Jersey)


300 gal GLASS tank aquarium with metal bracket and metal stand,no top/lid cover.77 long X 26 wide X 32 tall.NO LEAKS.selling for $400 OR BEST OFFER.need at least 6 big guys and a truck as this tank is super heavy.

Update: it’s in my shed now so it is easier to get it out. I’m willing to negotiate if someone is interested please let me know as i am moving out of state and can not bring this awesome tank.

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