Custom Bullnose Acrylic Aquarium – $3000 (Escondido, Ca)


360 Gallon Custom Bullnose Acrylic Aquarium
Dims are 96 x 24 x 36 tall
Includes the following:
Acrylic Aquarium w/built in overflow
Steel stand wrapped with ¾ plywood + laminate
Custom “Living Color” reef
150 gallon sump w/bio media
Misc. light hood components
$3000 OBO



Dwight Howard’s Terrarium and Aquarium – $25000

make / manufacturer: ATM (Tanked show)
size / dimensions: 8ft x 4ft x 9ft

Previously loved by Dwight Howard. Perfect for reptiles (like Mickey) and fish! 8 feet long x 4 feet wide x 9 feet tall. Was featured on Animal Planet’s Tanked in 2015.Sold AS IS (animals NOT included). Includes delivery and installation!

$25,000 or BEST offer.

Fish Gallery Houston
2909 Fountain View Dr.
Houston, TX 77057

info at only!We do NOT ship. Pick up ONLY.

300 gallon aquarium, stand, (2) Fluval FX5 filters, black sand, wood – $1500 (League City, Tx)

size / dimensions: 72 x 36 x 27

$1500 or best offer. Willing to sell pieces individually.

300 gallon aquarium (72 x 36 x 27)
Homemade wooden stand ( missing sides and one door)
(2) Fluval FX5 filters
Assorted wood (enough to fill tank)
Black sand (enough for a 4-6 inch sand bed in the tank?
Misc extras (lights, scrubber, gravel vacuum, etc.)

There is a small distortion in the glass that isn’t noticable when filled. The filters work great and are more than enough filtration for 300 gallons. The tank is very heavy. I will have at least one other person to help load it but we will need at least 4 decently strong people to move the tank.☎ (832) 425-8995 only!

300 gallon acrylic Tank – $2500 Nashville TN


300 gallon acrylic tank stand and hood used. New never opened: 20 bags of CaribSea instant Tahitian moon sand. One bag of CaribSea eco-complete planted aquarium . Two 800 W Catalina titanium aquarium heaters with separate controls . One Hydor Koralia circulation pump 3250 . Two large pieces of driftwood. One large piece of Texas holy rock. Everything above other than aquarium is new never used .
Used supplies: Sump pump system with two new filters. Protein skimmers and supplies . Two Iwaki magnet pumps MD-70RLT . Used aerators . 55 gallon aquarium with iron stand and all supplies is set up and running with predator fish.These fish were meant to be moved to 300 gallon when it was set up. Silver Arawana,False Tigrinus Zebra Catfish, Full size Rhino Pleco , Golden Clown Knife, Silver gar, Standard Pleco, Biker. $2500.00 O.B.O Will consider separating just make offer. Call only if interested do not text!
  • Allen
  • call only!

    ☎ (931) 979-2208

350 part bow front aquarium – $2500 (Cape Coral FL) 


exotic aquariums of Miami

Hello I’m selling my 350 gallon part bowfront aquarium it’s made out of glass the dimensions 96×30.5×32 it has one over flow with 3 – 1 1/2 drains and the bottom has a closed loop and it comes with the custom aquarium stand the stand was $2000 the aquarium was $6700 asking $2500 its only 3 years old
  • Justin
  • texT ONLY!

    ☎ (239) 878-4215

400 gallon acrylic aquarium tank for your tropical fish – $3850 (SARASOTA, Fl)

10’L x 70″H x 27″ wide

My hobby has come to an end. I had 16 tanks up and running, so far I have sold them all. Now I am offering the flagship from my collection. This is a very hard to find size especially at such a reasonable price. Acrylic tanks do not break, they can take a beating and if scratched can be buffed out. The water clarity is much greater looking through an acrylic tank and the king of filtration systems is hooked up to this beauty which in turn will produce crystal clear water. Can be used for saltwater or freshwater.
This 375 gallon tank plus 2 large connected sumps equals over 400 gallons. The tank has no noticeable scratches on it especially when filled with water. Mirrors were installed on the back black acrylic wall which allows you to see fish that are hiding, produce additional reflected light, and add character to the decor. The pumps are less than a year old.
Great for a Doctor’s office, restaurant, hospital, nursing home, office, home, etc, or for any avid hobbyist. The aquarium measurements are 10′ long x 24″ wide x 30.75″ tall.
The stand is 10′ 3″‘ long x 27″ wide x 42.75″ high and requires some very minor attention which is reflected in the price. The height of the tank and stand is 70.5″ high.
If you can use any of the following I will include it in the offering at no extra charge: 4 dual output air pumps, 4 heaters, 5 ultra violet filters, all the gravel in the tank, adequate air line, gang valves, air stones, under gravel filter plates with 6 power heads, and 6 battery powered automatic emergency air pumps.
Although fish and decor are not included I did include 2 pictures of when I had the tank decorated so that you could see the beauty of looking through this acrylic tank. See how the fish and decor just jump out at you. _____________________________________________________________For an additional fee I can supply you with the decorations which you have seen in the pictures of this tank when it was fully decorated or I can create a different look for you. I have plenty of decor from the 16 tanks which I sold while closing down my hobby. I am a decorator at heart, experienced and talented as may avid hobbyists have mentioned to me. ___________________________________________________________________________
The tank and stand will require movers.
No financing available, serious buyer with cash only. Do not call if you can’t afford this offering. Be prepared upon visit to leave a deposit. thank you, Marshall 941-222-2280. Only!

CUSTOM CYLINDER AQUARIUM 600 GALLONS – $32000 (Fort Lauderdale) 

 like new
Living Color Aquariums
Seamless Lobby Cylinder

Living Color Aquariums Lobby Seamless Cylinder Aquarium, 600 Gallons, is up for grabs. 60″x46″. Upgraded Laminate Wood Cabinetry Surround magnetic hinges, Custom Fabricated Overflow Artificial Reef Pillars, Custom Living Color Saltwater Life Support Split System, LED Blue and White Lighting, Steel Line-x Coated Stand, 3/4″ thick seamless acrylic tank, Sand Bed. Price Includes local install by Living Color Aquariums Technicians and Includes one month free maintenance with starter fish.

500g acrylic fish tank – $2000 (Huntsville, Ohio) 

size / dimensions: 8x30x40

I have a 500g acrylic aquarium that’s 8′ long x 30″ wide x 40″ tall. I recently bought a new home and it won’t fit down my basement so I’m going to have to sell. Sell for $2000 or trade for other Large tanks for Freshwater stingrays. I’m talking 300g plus tanks acrylic only. Text with anymore questions. It only comes with Tank and Stand.
  • ☎ (937) 570-4095 Only! Matt

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