300 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium(Flushing, Mi) $1500


Tank measures 96”x24”x30”. Comes with 40gal. sump, floss media, bio balls, pump and UV sterilizer. Side mount overflow. Tank has no scratches. No longer have the room. Tank alone originally cost $4000.

No fish, substrate, coral or furniture included. $1500

natebludwig@gmail.com only!


REVISED $17,000 Custom-made Aquarium, 350 gallon, 86″ x 76″ x 27″ – $750 Houston, Tx -Sold sold sold!


condition: excellent (?)
make / manufacturer: Fish Gallery
size / dimensions: 76″ x 86″ x 27″

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. (This listing has been revised after discussion with my fiance, who had it custom built in 2012 —
before I met her — and with Fish Gallery, the company in Houston, TX that both built it and which maintains it on a bi-weekly basis.)

The volume is 350-ish gallons.

The sale includes everything. $12,000 custom made stand and silver lacquered wood coverings. The tank itself. An Eimes (?) filtration pump. A smaller aquarium underneath which houses a sump pump. Custom made top which is also made of matching silver lacquered wood coverings. Lighting. Decorations (i.e. rocks, sand, fish) EXCEPT for the wood decorations, which were hand-picked. Original cost was $17,000. The unit breaks down into components that can be moved.


The glass is at least 1 1/4″-inch thick. About 10 months ago, we had a 1/4″ leak in the silicone seam in one corner of the tank up high (about 1/3 of the way down from the top). Fish Gallery came immediately and reduced the water level, dried the silicone and resealed the leak. In addition, they believe (and I think I can see) about a 6″ hairline crack in the side of the glass inside the tank below the leak. Fish Gallery also sealed the outside of the end of the tank with silicone as a precaution. The end of the tank was also covered with a black vinyl layer previously as an optical illustion because the tall sump pump is on the same end and is also black.

As such, because we travel frequently, we have never refilled the tank entirely back to the 350-gallon level. We have managed it at the 175-gallon level, and have had no issues. Fish Gallery’s opinion is that you could likely fill the tank higher, but it may or may not put addition strain on the hairline crack. Their other opinion is that one may never have another issue with the tank again. We have not tested this theory.

There are a few minor scratches on the inside of the tank if you look closely, but they are not that noticeable with water an fish in the tank.

We are moving to the Northeast and not taking the unit with us.

Unit measures 76″ x 86″ x 27″. Tank itself measures 44″ x 71.5″ x 21.5″

Local pickup only. Cash only.

Update: 2/3/18 tank was bought and is being repaired by crew at The Fish Gallery! Good job!!

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