300 gallon reef tank – $6000 Phoenix,Az.

Tank is 300 gallons (64l x 36h x 30w). It is 2 sided viewable acrylic aquarium and was a custom install. It was $13,000 to install, asking $6000 obo and that includes installed at new location. I will break it down, move it and set it back up.

Includes 24 hr. light system, ΒΌ hp JBJ Arctica Chiller, 50W Emperor Aquatics HO UV, 2 Blue Line 40HD pumps, 2 Nu-Clear Canister Filters, 2 Rio 2500HP Power Head Pumps, Steel Stand, 300 lbs of Fiji live rock, gravel, some corals and approx. 20 fish. Fish sizes range from small to large and include a Blonde Nasotang, Blue Hippo Tang, 3 Yellow Tangs, Foxface, Coral Beauty Angelfish, Sailfin Tang, 3 clownfish, damsels, pajama cardinalfish, anthias fish, Powder Blue Tang and Dussumier Tang.

I will part this tank out as well…

I will sell the fish for $700.00 obo.
I will sell the live rock for $900.00 obo.

REDUCED !!cheap 500 gal fish tank/aquarium – $1600 (Clermont, Fl .)


NOW ONLY 1400 cash

this one is huge tank used for lobsters display in restaurant so filtration is perfect,big Iwaki pump,2x canister filters ,2xUV all for only 1600 OBO this one can be used for saltwater fish or freshwater or you can continue to keep lobsters in tank

Tank is huge and heavy size is front 84 side to back 20 and 60 deep (yes 60 )that’s make it little over 530 gal by my calculation,undrgravel filtration, tank is build from 1.5 acrylic, this tank is not for beginners ,tank is made from steel (posts are about 5 inches very heavy) stand is about 53 inches tall but can be cut down on size you like.Tank is great condition with few small scratches (that can be easy removed since its acrylic)Thant about tank and stand now filtration system that is included:

-2 x UV sterilizers (model Pondmaster 40watt MN 02940) more info you can see here(copy

-2 x big canister filters (Waterco TBF Comandomatic 3761050) more info see here(copylink)http://pentairaes.com/bag-filter-housing.html

and 1x Iwaki pump model MD-100 RLT about 2300GPH see more info here (copy link below)

you will need help to load this tank and stand

Before you contact me please read all what is included what not ,lowballers will be ignored and spammers reported