300 gallon reef aquarium – $2500 (Canton, Ohio)




72 x 36 x 36

300 gallon drilled reef aquarium. Loaded – new – never been used. Starphire glass. With stand, hood, 65 gal sump, pump, LED light. Over $5000 invested and I just don’t have the time for it. $2,500 or Best Offer.

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200 gallon acrylic cylinder aquarium – $3200 (Knoxville)

200 gallon acrylic cylinder aquarium
You get:
Acrylic lid under canopy

The story: We received to the tank for a restoration project. Old overflow was not in the center to it was removed. We bonded in a new overflow to have centered then the project canceled. Aquarium has light crazing but has been buffed and in good condition. The stand/canopy we did not start on so it is good to go as is for a rustic sort of look or you can stain and seal. We did not install any bulkheads, so you can size them however you like. We sell bulkheads if you need some. There is no insert, lighting or filtration.

Top and bottom ½” acrylic
Cylinder was cut from a tube when it was built so there is no seam.
Complete the unit stands 84″ tall
Cylinder is 36″ diameter
Diameter of wood canopy and stand is 39.5″
Literally what you see is what you get!

Pickup in Knoxville, TN 37923

☎ (865) 253-2846

500 gallon aquarium – $1000 (Evanston, Illinois)


Purchased this tank from someone else, did all the hard work to get it ready for transport, with plans of using in my home, but decided I needed a different size and shape, so priced this to sell!

500 gallon acrylic
80Lx40Hx36W , 1″ acrylic, custom made aquarium.

Tank holds 500 gal of water. Dual overflows on both ends.
Can be set up between two rooms or can be against a wall if one prefers.
It needs some buffing of scratches (I can recommend local guys to do cheaply, if you don’t want to do yourself), otherwise could be perfect.

It comes with:
* 24Lx40Hx24W custom made sump that holds the filters and medium.
*30Lx30Hx13.5W extra reservoir for fresh water collection for water changes.

I could also include if wanted: live rock, protein skimmer, pumps, coral and fish.

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300 gallon glass starphire tank reef ready / Complete setup – $3100(Chicago area)


 like new

300 gallon starphire glass aquarium /Reef Ready / 96x24x31.5 … maple stand and top. Three Fluval FX6 filters that are run into a built in overflow box. Two 48″ leds… all plumbing / bulkheads included. Carib sea aragonite or carib sea torpedo beach substrate included (new in bags ). Plug and play system. System is only 6 months old!
serious injuries only please.


500 Gallon Reef Tank and System – $15000 (Wauconda, near Chicago)


Looking to sell my Reef Tank and entire system. Getting out of the hobby due to not being home as much as I would like to. Everything is less than 2 years old. Please see the list of equipment below.-96 x 40.5 x 30 500 gallon Custom built display Euro Braced tank with Starphire glass made by Miracles Aquarium
-84 x 27 x 21 200 gallon rimless sump tank/refugium made by Miracles Aquarium
-Custom steel stand which has been professionally coated
-8 x Eco Tech Radion XR30 G4 Pro LED lights with hanger system and wireless controller
-2 x Maxspect Gyre XF 280 pumps
-JBJ Auto Top-off
-Dosing pumps and eshops 4 x liter container
-Apex Neptune Gold System with ALD module, extra energy bar, PMK PAR monitor, 2x P2 leak detectors, 2 x Automatic feeders
-Reef Octopus SRO3000-SSS Skimmer with auto wiper and collection cup
-2 x 50 gallon mixing tanks with variable speed pump
-4 x Reeflo Dart/Snapper Hybrid 2400/4300 GPH pumps
-26 gallon bin with around 50 filter socks for sump
-3 x 26 gallon bins full of miscellaneous parts and supplies
-Shelf full of additives and mixes, alk, mag, kalk, cal, 6 x gallon size jugs of supplements
-All maintenance items
-Electronic Hanna Checkers for almost all water tests along with a few regular chemical test kits
-4 x 5 gallon buckets of salt
-5 gallon bucket of carbon

-All liverock, fish, and corals will go with the system. Over 400lbs of liverock, over 50 corals, around 50 fish.


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    ☎ (847) 650-9652

400 Gallon Aquarium – $4000 (Phoenix)


condition: like new

It is time for me to upgrade my tank size and I have to sell this one. It was used for a salt reef setup initially and has since been used for freshwater for a few years since. The tank is drilled and ready for either you choose. The tank itself is 8 foot long x 3 foot tall x 2.5 feet wide. The stand is finished in black and is furniture grade quality with 4 doors in the front and open back if your using a sump setup.

This is a CASH sale only. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Included in the sale is the tank, stand top and bottom.

Please be patient with my responses. I only get to my email once per week. I will respond.

Low-ballers need NOT reply.           Reply this e-mail only! 9rjtp-6673761492@sale.craigslist.org

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