300 Gallon Coral Flat Reef Aquarium – $1350 (Albany, Oregon)

Listed is a less than three year old 300 Gallon Coral Flat Aquarium with stand, tank, sump, refugium, pumps, 2 protein skimmers, and under tank live rock holding tank. The picture is the coral flat new. The tank is actually almost three years old now. It is in good condition. 1 Left. 96x48x16

All For Fish
223 2nd Avenue SW
Albany, Oregon 97321

Marineland Glass Aquarium – $1200 (Northeast Columbia) S. Carolina

300 Gallon Deep Wide Glass Aquarium appx. 72″ x 36″ x 27″ black trim, with 2 built in corner overflows. Included is all NEW! 1. Eshopps WD 300 filtration system. 2. 1 Solarmax HE T5 lighting system. 3. 1 Blue Line external waterpump 40 HD-X. 4. 1 Supreme Classic utility pump Model 5 500 GPH. 5. X2 Eheim Jager Trutemp heaters 150 and 100 watts. 6. 1 Classic Ultraviolet Sterilizer. 7. X4 20lbs bags of Aferican Cichlid Eco-Complete Substrate. This is for the tank and accessories only, no stand or hood. If you know what you are looking at then you know what the cost savings is. This a really nice set up. Please call (803) 760-003o if you have questions.

850 Gallon Aquarium – $2000 (MemFish)TN

Acrylic aquarium measuring 96″ x 48″ x 48″. Has a coast to coast overflow on the outside of the tank. Also is drilled for a closed loop. This tank recently came out of a local hospital. There are some minor scratches in the front, but can easily be buffed out. Tank is made of 1.5″ thick U.S. cast acrylic. It is truly built like a tank. Come by to see it at MemFish. 5719 Quince Road, Memphis, TN 38119. We are available from 10-6 Monday – Friday.
Asking $2000.00 but willing to negotiate on price. Serious inquiries only

500 Gallon Aquarium/Accessories – $1950 (Dickinson) Houston, TX

500 Gallon Aquarium/Accessories – $2950
Price Drop: $2400
Price Drop: $1950

Oceananic, 3′ X 3′ X 8′ 500 gallon aquarium; an overflow box with 3 bulkheads two outs and one return; there are four other ports in the floor;
Has dark auto tint on three sides for a wall display; has two Aheim canister filters and a 58 gallon trickle filter; also has a canopy and front frame.
It was removed from a wall display where it was working fine, it has since been filled and held water however it is being sold “As Is” absolutely no garuantees once someone buys it is thiers and thier responsibility, and they will load and move.
It can be filled at time of purchase. It is cash only no checks or trades.