Aquarium 300 gallon – $3200 (north wilmington)

good deal, tanks this big go for 5500 to 6000 dollars, was set up for salt water fish, have extras, if interested or have any questions, call keith 302-250-7395


330 Gal Display plus all the equpiment. Plug and Play



This is a complete setup with everything thing you need to run a massive coral reef or aggressive fish or shark tank. Tank has only been setup for a year come this October. Almost all this equipment was bought brand new for this setup and is still like new. Tank is setup to be nearly 100% automated. Cost over %16,500 to build it less than a year ago.

– Display is 108″L x 30″W x 24″H Acrylic (330 Gallons)
– Steel Stand with Ryno liner to prevent rust and increased longevity.
– Bottom cabinet skins are held on by heavy duty magnets. Means no hinges to rust away in the saltwater environment and allows you to completely open up the sump area with ease.
– Top cabinet skins are held on by Z clips which allow you to easily open on pane or the entire thing with no rusting hinges as well.
– Dual Reeflo return pumps to ensure no single failure can disable the tank
– AI LED Lighting to minimize electrical costs and add greater color control

Components Retail

Metal Stand $500
Hood $100
Cabinet Skin $300
Tank $7000
Sump $800
Lighting (4 AI Vegas Plus Controller) $2080
ReeFlo Snapper/Dart Hybrid $315
ReeFlo Snapper/Dart Hybrid $315
Skimz SM201 $450
Vertex Vectra Neck Cleaner $200
Avast Skimmate Locker XL $190
3 BRS Supplement Dosers and 1Gal contianers $160
Apex Controller (w/ 1 EB8, Temp, and Ph Probes) $500
Second Extra Apex Energy Bar 8 $160
Third Extra Apex Energy Bar 8 $160
MR1 Next Reef Dual Media Reactor $180
AquaMax XL Single Media Reactor $100
AquaUV 57W $400
Tunze 6155 $550
Tunze 6255 $675

Total w/ tax = $16,584.35

Asking $11,000 for everything. Only selling as a whole right now. If i break it apart later prices will go up for individual items. Located in 93405 SLO, CA.

300 Gallon aquarium for sale – $1800 (Stamford, CT)

Im selling a 300 gallon salt water reef. Plus lights and controller for no extra charge.

The tank was made by Tenecor, its 24″x30″x96″ constructed of 3/4″ acrylic. The tank has dual overflows and a black acrylic back. There are 3 separate returns and its drilled for a closed loop on the rear. There are some light scratches on the inside front, but the are not noticeable while viewing and can be pretty easily sanded out.

The stand is custom fabricated and has oak doors. Inside there are separate outlets for all your equipment and each dual outlet has it’s own switch. Ill even throw in a reef keeper, all the lighting (2 dual 250w halide / CFL) and all the plumbing at no charge . System was professionally plumbed and the design is top notch. You should be able to plug-and-play this system at your place quickly.

The tank and stand is for sale at $1,800. The pumps, skimmer, rock etc will be offered to the buyer first at very reduced (or free) prices. This whole system will come right out of the room its in with just 2 guys and a dolly. Acrylic is very light and there is access straight to the outside from it’s current location.

The photos were taken this morning before the main lights came on, so it’s still a little dark. Tank is up and running. While the tank is currently in use as a salt water reef, it could easily be used as a fresh water tank also.
Serious buyers can come here and see it in person. Located in Stamford, CT

large 300 gallon acrylic aquarium – $1500 (san diego)

60″x24″x48″ (LxWxH) acrylic fish tank for sale. perfect for freshwater, saltwater, or reef. large capacity for fish. NO STAND. black overflow box on left side with 1″ and 1 1/2″ holes for bulkheads. black acrylic background. lids included. minimal scratches on interior and exterior (very good condition),but can be buffed for addition fee.
gravel and lava rock can be sold separately.
20 gallon sump and quiet one 6000 pump can be sold separately.
contact Missy (via phone or text) 858-204-0055
photos show tank on floor

300 + gallon acrylic Corner fish tank with stand – $2200 (Sw)

Call fast $2,200. 40d x 48h x 60L. Tank and stand total height 7 feet tall
300 + gallon acrylic fish tank with overflow box Built in the back corner of
Fish tank. stand also included
This Tank is about 1300 pounds, this tank it’s 1 1/2 inch thick acrylic tank
You must have 9 people to get it out of my Garage
Call me anytime or text 576-3581
Selling just fish tank and stand no fish or Filter


AQUARIUM 300 GALLON REEF READY – $2450 (Asheville)

I have a 300 gallon custom all glass 7ft-24-30 tall fish tank with overflow box built in the middle of tank it comes with tank stand and custom built canopy with lights built in it also comes with dead corals an fake corals an 2 power heads an 250w ballet it’s all in perfect condition if u have any other ?? Feel free to call or text Tim at 828 242 5501 anytime.
North Carolina

625G Aquarium/Fishtank – $4800 (Lake Wylie)

This 625 gallon acrylic tank (7’x6’x2′) comes with a 2″ steel powder coated stand, custom aluminum light rail, 210g acrylic sump, return pump and all plumbing. Additional equipment will be priced separately.

ALL LIVESTOCK HAS BEEN SOLD Except one 6″ Chrysurus Angel

it is very hard to judge the scale of the tank by these photos. The blue tang you see in the first photo is 10″ long. That is a 6′ level in the tank.

•Location: Lake Wylie
North Carolina

Boxer Jack Wolfe

Jack "Kid" Wolfe, "Rainbow" Wolfe, Kid Jack Wolfe, Kid Wolfe Detroit

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Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher