Cylinder Tanks at The Fish Gallery (Houston, TX)



(2) 6’x 8′ cylinders with bridge—$55,000 for tank + stand.


8’x 8′ cylinder–seamless–$50,000 tank+stand.

Roger Degregori


Fish Gallery

2909 Fountain View Dr., Houston,TX 77057

Office 800-303-9615

Boxer Jack Wolfe

Jack "Kid" Wolfe, "Rainbow" Wolfe, Kid Jack Wolfe, Kid Wolfe Detroit

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

Aquariums Daily by Tri-fisher

Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher