900gl Acrylic Fish Tank/Aquarium – $10,000 (South FL, Palm Beach Co.)



TANK- $47K
CABINET- $6,200



Amazing 750 Total Gallon Fish Tank System – $4900 (Hollywood, FL) 


Selling for quick sale:
650 Gallon aquarium with 100 gallon sump.
Great for Salt water, Fresh or Shark tank .
96.5W x 48.75H x 32W
Sits on custom all Steel Stand
Have all the lights , skimmer, pumps, water filter included.
Just and your rock and water and ready to go.
Already pre-drilled for closed loop.
Originally cost 18k to build.
Need gone quickly.


Custom 350 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank – $4000 (sw ranches, FL) 


86L x 31 1/4W x 80H
This is a gorgeous custom made 350 gallon saltwater fish tank that includes:

1: Custom made 350 gallon drilled aquarium with center overflow.
1: Custom made oak stand.
1: Custom made oak canopy.
1: Iwaki MD- 70 RLT pump
1: Pro-Clear sump (45L x 18W x 12H)
5: Hydra 52 HD L.E.D lighting units (and mounting accessories)
1: Mag-Float 500 Magnet Cleaner (Glass) – Extra-Large (up to 500gal)

Currently the tank is stocked with live rock, live sand, and some coral.

Dimensions from bottom of stand to top of canopy are (86L x 31 1/4W x 80H)


300 gallon glass saltwater aquarium fish tank reef tank with 90 gallon frag tank – $4000 (Royal palm beach, FL) 


This is up and running. It has a 90 gallon frag tank with frag racks running in tandem with 2 leds. Everything is included. I am willing to negotiate slightly or trade from a smaller tank IF you are willing to break down both tanks and set up smaller tank. This tank has everything and runs itself. It has t5ho that bulbs should be replaced however, I have led (3 sets) and I have metal halides you can have too. I can’t help move it. It’s custom made. Size of the tank is 2 feet wide, 30 inches high, and 8 feet long. With the hood and base, it is three feet wide and 100 inches from floor to top. The tank itself took four men with rented glass suction cups to move. This has been set up and running for about 7 years and it is too big for me.

Huge 380 gallon Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank – Leaks – $2000 (Britol, CT)


 salvage tank


Huge 380 gallon Bow Front Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank
Comes with a beautiful custom Oak stand.
The seam gave way and came slightly apart on the front right seam.
I was told it could be repaired by a pro.
Here’s your chance to get a huge beautiful tank for super cheap.


Established Aquarium – $4300 (Erie, Co.) 


Entire established setup and livestock. Will not seperate. Over ten thousand dollar value.

Retails for

Tank – 300 gallon. $4000
3 LED lights. 2400
Flow pump. 600
2 overflow boxes. 600
150lbs live rock. 900
120w IV light. 800
Sump/skimmer/pump. 800
3 heaters. 150

Fish included:
Clown tang
Clown trigger
Maroon clown
Yellow tang
Potters angel
2 chromis


Custom 300 gallon L shaped aquarium reduced price – $1800 (Clovis, Ca.) 

I am putting up my 300 gallon L shaped reef tank for sale. I am moving and need to get this sold. I want to sell everything that is running this tank as well as it is a unique shape and I have build things accordingly. This is a great opportunity for someone that wants to upgrade and have a great center piece for their home.

Leemar built custom 300+ gallon L shaped euro braced tank with 2 external overflows built in 2012.4 viewable panels, 1/2″ glass. Dimensions are 72″x60″ 24″ tall 30″ deep.
Custom 2 part metal stand powder coated white.
Custom led lighting that fits tank properly, keeps tank cool and corals happy.
All three $1800

2 glass sumps that are connected. 75 gal and 40 breeder. filter sock holder, skimmer chamber, refugium chamber, return section.

4 tunze 6105 controllable pumps.
$150 each
water blaster 10k return pump
Sea swirl return
Next reef media reactor double canister.
60 gallon water change tank with blow hole mixing pump.

This tank was built to be in the corner of a wall and I had a custom surround built to fit so I will include that as well. This tank is in pretty good shape for being set up for the last 4 years but does have a few small scratches that are not very noticeable. You will need a trailer and a few guys to help move this large tank. I could help deliver if required. Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to get better pics of some equipment. I am not the best photographer but I included a few.


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