Aquarium 610 Gallon Complete – $9950 (Chandler, Az)


We are selling this beautiful 610 Gallon full top of the line set up with live stock! The aquarium is 108″ Long x 36″ Wide x 36″ Tall it is 1″ thick Acrylic with black back, acrylic lids, and splash guards. It includes a custom dark stand and canopy with louver doors. It has 2-Ecoxotic Panorama Marine Led 48″ 12000K/445NM Royal Blue 50 Watt. With Docking Mounts, Inline Dimmer, Relector & Power Supply, Ocean Clear Filter, Blue Line 100 Pump, Gen-x PCX40 pump, Emperor Aquatic Smart HO UV Sterilizer 120 Watt W/ 2″ Unions (Bulb 6 months old), AquaUltraviolet ULTIMA II 1000 Filter W/1 1/2″ Valve, 1/2 HP Chiller, 300 LBS Crushed coral, 300 LBS Lace rock, display corals & Plants, Bunch of fish including a shark. This tank set up was over $27,000 5 years ago.

Selling it all for $9950

It can be moved for an additional fee. Local pick up only. We take cash or all major credit card as payment.

Call or text questions at 602-622-0631

300 gallon saltwater aquarium reef tank or part it out live rock – $3500 Phoenix,Az


300 gallon tenacor reef tank. Full canopy, too much to list but here it goes.

150watt LED lights
50 gallon sump
42 gallon refugium
Pro 600 gallon protein skimmer
1/3hp arctic chiller
multiple power heads,
multiple live stock
3 large blue hippo tangs- $200 for all 3
1 large yellow tang – $20
3 perc clowns – 1 breeding pair lay eggs every two weeks $60
1 black perc clown- $40
1 Australian dotty back- $30
1 large engineer goby $20
1 large racoon butterfly -$30
1 hawk-$25
1 damsel-$10
1 show leather close to 40 inches-$200
1 large finger leather -$30
multiple candy canes -$30
lots of sponge blue, yellow and white,
lots of kenya tree coral
a couple of hard sps corals
mushrooms and various others.
600lbs of live rock well established. -$4LB this is really aged with the exception of a few pieces if it has a coral or sponge on it lucky you. This rock is really large as well some smaller pieces but most are over 10 lbs great growth on it.

I do have a few that have a larger sps corals on them and priced separately. If you want a large quantity of rock make me a offer. I would really like to move this soon.

I would like to sell as a whole unit, I have invested a ton of money into this hobby and would like to sell quickly. $3500.00 is fair for this setup. Moving will be your responsibility and you will need plenty of help as this tank is heavy, heavy, heavy.

tank dimensions 96x30x30
with canopy close to 7′ tall great tank.

I will consider parting out if I have no takers on the setup. This tank has been up and running for 5 years. All the fish are original fish I put in the tank, haven’t lost a one.
Please reach out

Thank you


Beautiful custom 400 gallon acrylic reef aquarium system – $2600 (Gilbert, Az)


300 gallon acrylic display tank measuring 7′ x 3′. Built with three-quarter inch acrylic.

Massive 5 x 2′ sump about 125 gallons with three chambers .

Bubble Magnus curve 9

Dc 12000 return pump

Bubble Magnus media reactor

4 eco rgb flood lights

Steel Frame stand with five doors

Please call or text me 480-299-8749

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