300 Gallon corner aquarium..GET TANKED! – $2000 (hemet)

This is THE BEST OF THE BEST!! SEA WORLD in your living room! If you want some serious WOW FACTOR in your home…..this tank is the one for you!!
Why am I selling? I need a small work truck desparately! I would consider trades involving a working decent condition mini truck I can use for work!!
So here it is….
300 Gallon, 1″ thick acrylic aquarium. It’s a CORNER TANK. It’s 4ft. tall, about 5ft. across corner to corner.
It has a rear overflow with a 2″ drainpipe and two 1″ returns. It has a SILENT DURSO OVERFLOW, no gurgling noises! The back is BLACK acrylic.
There are minor scratches but nothing that can’t be easily buffed out.
It has BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL ARTIFICIAL CORAL REEF INSERTS intstalled so your “corals” will never die! You know how expensive these are! Its just like the guys on “TANKED” would do it!!
It comes with a VERY NICE solid wood stand and canopy (furniture quality, no junk) in a coffee brown finish. The entire set-up stands 92″ tall…just over 7 feet! Its a monster!!
This system is MASSIVELY OVER-FILTERED and ready for a spectacular coral reef system or healthy fish only system.
(CAUTION….There is no way this tank will fit through a regular doorway. I had to remove my patio slider doors to get it inside. Figure on a minimum of 40″ of clearance for your opening to get this beast inside)!
As it is set up now, there is a 120 Gallon sump/refugium I have plumbed through the wall behind the tank and into a walk-in closet.
You read correctly!! That is bigger than most fishtanks!! The refugium is filled with live rock, live sand, reef mud and rubble. There is plenty of room for any addons, dosers, pumps, skimmers, anything you may need to add.
I also have what I believe is a 40 or 50 gallon wet/dry sump that will fit under the tank in the stand if you want to go that route.
Aqua-Ultraviolet 57 Watt UV Sterilizer w/ brand new ballast and bulb!
Massive Warner Marine dual sedra 7000 protein skimmer. It is the BEST SKIMMER I have ever seen!!! in PERFECT CONDITION!! Skims like a BEAST!!
ReeFlo Snapper/Dart Hybrid 4300⁄2600GPH Return pump…works flawlessly!
SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTING SYSTEM capable of growing corals! It consists of 4 pendant led fixtures each putting out the same light as 150 to 250 watt metal halides. The “shimmer” effect in this tank is amazing, all the way down to the bottom! The whites and the blues on each fixture can be timed separately.
There are also a few coralia circulation pumps inside, I’m not sure of the sizes.
DID I MENTION THIS SYSTEM IS SILENT!!!!!!??????? I have worked very hard to make a vitually silent system as this is currently located in my theater room. I don’t like buzzing, bubbles, pumps, ect.
Tons of extras if you want. I do water changes with two 65 gallon water barrels you can take. I mix my own saltwater and it only takes 1/2 hour to do a water change the way it is set up! Just drain into one barrel and pump clean water in to the sump from the other barrel!
There are lots of fish and snails. I won’t list them all but I assure you if you want to take them they are the HEALTHY and among the BEST LOOKING SPECIMENS you will EVER SEE!! FLAWLESS, COLORFUL, and they EAT LIKE CRAZY!!! My 4″ TIGER COWRY is a one snail clean-up crew!!!
THE CATCH…….You are reponsible for moving and transport. I do have a crew that can do the entire tear-down, move, and set up/ maintenance for you…but they CHARGE!!! It takes at least 5 or six strong guys just to lift this tank! It’s MASSIVE and HEAVY!!
Orange Co. California craigslist


1000 gal aquarium – $4000 (Orange)

1000 gal glass aquarium. 8′ x 4′ x 4′ made from two tempered glass 1/2″ think laminated to be 1″ thick. Has scratches but no leaks and no cracks. over $15,000 new. Comes with wood stand and pre-drilled holes for return and overflow.Please be aware that this aquarium is over a ton in weight, and it will require machinery or lots of man power to move. The ultimate fish tank for your monster fish!

Ocean Blue Aquarium Center located in Orange Ca, has one of the largest selection of aquariums, live stock and supplies in Orange County. If you are looking for new or pre-owned aquariums, filters, chiller, lights, skimmer, etc.. give us a call.
1215 W. Katella ave
Orange, CA 92867
*How these guys didn’t drop this tank I’ll never know! A tiedown strap maybe?

600 gallon Aquarium w\ steel stand – $3000 (Fallbrook)

600 gallon acrylic peninsula aquarium. Dimensions are 8′ x 2′ x 5′. Acrylic is 1 ½” thick. The aquarium would be perfect for a resturant or office and cost over $25,000 to build itself. Tank, stand and original sump asking 3000.00. Whole system was 1000 gallons. Also available Reeflo Barracuda Gold pump, ASM G5, Calcium Reactor, Ozone, UV and more. Off site poly sumps. Can make a deal for all!! Shot me an offer or leave you cell number on the reply and I get you a pic.

Trade for polaris ranger, guns, or ????
California craigslist

300 gallon saltwater aquarium complete – $2000 (Queen creek)

300 gallon aquarium complete w/ everything. LED lights, acrylic tank ( 96″x24″x30″), stand, hood, side book shelves, DI system, everything needed to service it, 1 Little giant pump & 1 brand new Blueline pump, ocean clear. 2 filters, uv’s, and more. Tank is up and running with 30″ shark & 40″ eel. This is a system that is put together to stay clean with very little service. Aquarium is in great shape. Please email me with any questions or call to set up a time to see, 480-437-4964. I will not part it so please don’t ask.

Custom 550 Gallon Acrylic Saltwater Aquarium – $4500 (N Gilbert)

Beautiful custom 550 gallon acrylic aquarium, about 3 years old, 1″ acrylic, 8′ long x 30″ wide x 36″ tall, two center overflows, set up at room divider now, stand is made out of blocks and IKEA countertops to allow for a snack bar at the end of tank. The filter is also custom made below tank with two bioball towers and holds approx. 150-200 gallons of water, two 2400 gph energy efficient pumps run the filter. two power compact lights on top of tank. All rock included. Moving out of state and can’t take with me. The tank is very heavy, 6 guys could barely carry the tank alone. The stand would have to be taken apart. You would be responsible for moving the tank. Fish really aren’t included only because its impossible to move this tank and set it up fast enough to keep them. I will start taking the tank down in a week or two.
Arizona craigslist

300 gallon aquarium acrylic – $1750 (Livonia )

300 gallon acrylic aquarium. dual overflow columns. has also been drilled for closed loop system. is on oak stand.
just buffed out scratches and will be re painting stand.
this tank has 3/4″ front, back and ends. top and bottom plates are 1/2″. has all top covers. this tank is very nice! ten feet long, two feet wide and two feet tall. stand is standard 29″ tall.

Custom 6ft. Acrylic Arch Aquarium

Extremely Unique Aquarium available for half the cost of a brand new tank of this design that would cost around $12K

This aquarium has been used in a few company displays for public events. It has scratches on the acrylic that can be buffed out with an acrylic polishing kit and tools. I am selling it at this cost because the buyer will be responsible for buffing any scratches or refurbishing.

It has two overflow columns for the filtration aspect and this tank is drilled to accept bulkheads to connect the filtration / water flow components. Each overflow also has a dry raceway for electrical cords, etc. to create a seamless look.

The tank is 6ft. in length with each cube end being 28″square. The arch in the center is approx. 2ft in width. If the tankwas set-up where on the stands stands and raised on a platform – most people could actually walk underneath the aquarium. The stands are 4ft. in height and 28”square. The powder coat on the stands is worn in some spots and there is some rust on the stands that can be cleaned up.

Shipped in a crate built for it’s transport using freight services. Shipped in the continental USA only.
On e-bay 12-28-12

Custom 600 Gallon Aquarium – $1000 (Deliver)

This is a timber and fiberglass aquarium with two glass sides. Footprint of the tank is 4 feet deep by 8 feet long (49″x97″) and it is 32″ tall so that it will fit through a normal doorway if turned sideways. About 1 foot at one end of the tank is divided off for use as an in-tank filter so that no external filtration is needed. This divider could be removed if you want the extra space for fish however.

I built this custom piece several years ago and it has been set up with a lone occupant for nearly 3 years now. Unfortunately it takes up too much space for me and I’m trying to down size. The outside wood grain, and is finished with black stain and polyurethane so it would look nice in any room that was large enough for it to fit nicely. The photos are not of excellent quality as unfortunately it’s in my garage where the lighting is poor and it’s difficult to get great photos – you can get a rough idea though. I am happy to dig up more photos and/or answer specific questions – please contact me with questions.

I am located in Fort St John, BC, but I will be travelling to Edmonton on Dec 20 or 21, and I can bring this tank with me at that time if I find a buyer in Edmonton or Calgary. I am asking $1000 based on me bringing the tank to Edmonton. There is easily $1000 in materials in the tank, plus it will be a fairly significant pain for me to transport it. If buyer wants to work out some arrangements that make it easier to get out of my garage and into your hands, I am more than happy to come down on the price. I also have the sand, filter media and so on that I’m using with the tank. I just discovered that the 5 heaters I use to heat it have been recalled though so you may want to come up with your own temperature control scheme. Right now it is -1C in my garage and with 800watts of heaters in the tank it stays at 76F quite easily. If you keep this guy indoors it will require much less than that to heat.

One last thing – the tank currently has a 30-32″ Tiger Shovel Nosed catfish in there. I can either include him with the tank or relocate him to another one of my tanks, but I much prefer that he go with the tank. If you are prepared to care for an animal like this, he’s all yours – just don’t plan on keeping anything with him as his last meal was a full grown Oscar that I thought was too big for him to hurt.

Boxer Jack Wolfe

Jack "Kid" Wolfe, "Rainbow" Wolfe, Kid Jack Wolfe, Kid Wolfe Detroit

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