Fish Gallery got two Cylinder with Bridge tanks! Texas

8' x 8' cylinder

8’x 8′ with Bridge–1 unit $65k

rainforest archway tank 1

6’x 8′ w/Bridge–1 unit $45k

Roger DeGregori

President   /  800-303-9615

Only phone or email.


More Fish Gallery tanks! Texas…Update 4/30/18 “ready to sell at a deep discount!!”



large rectangle with inserts – optional to be viewed from 2 sides– 164 x 36 x 66.25 for the large one and…$15,000

2 – smaller rectangle with inserts – optional to be viewed from 2 sides– 94 x 37 x 66 for the two smaller ones….$10,000

all tanks are industrial exhibit grade tanks w/ FP housings made by ICM – Reynolds Polymer

Roger DeGregori

President   /  800-303-9615

Only call or email.


Aquarium – $2500 Atlanta, Ga.

 Clarity plus

84″length 36″height 28″depth

Aquarium, 366.5 gallon reef tank for sale, no issues with the tank at all, I just grew out of it. The aquarium and canopy are included along with a sump. I prefer text please and I’m not desperate to sell.I will entertain serious offers, maybe trades just depends what it is, no junk please. The aquarium is very heavy acrylic, and the buyer will have to move it from storage location thank you.

900Gal. Houston, Tx. $7500












Coral Frag Heaven — $7500 —

12′ x 4′ x 2.5′ — Custom 3/4″ Glass Aquarium w/ Coast to Coast Internal Overflow on One end — 42″ Powder Coated Steel Support Stand — Flip Lid Wooden Canopy
* Aquarium Holds Water — Built like a tank –Very Clean — Almost no scratches — WE can crate and Freight or Door to Door Delivery


Roger DeGregori
President / 800-303-9615

Fish Gallery, Inc.