Bar aquarium, Westland ,Mi.


Bar aquarium $200 Westland 733gal.
96″x42″x42″…bar aquarium…$200

***note-I tried to buy this tank. No response in e-mail…twice. Must be sold. I calculated at 733gal. but picture shows that depth and height are not the same. I will update if e-mail is answered…Trifisherjoe.

Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

Attention!! Web site is for entertainment only, it is only intended to show prices and set ups of aquariums for sale. Check Craigslist city listed for tank info., if unable to find I would assume tank sold. Emails will not be answered in the form of "is this tank still for sale?" or "whats the contact info?"... will not be answered.

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