This is an incredible 660 Gallon Glass Aquarium with fish and coral. I got it a few months back which is why the cabinet isn’t built out. I just found out I have to move and can’t take it with me. I’m totally bummed but this is your opportunity if you’ve ever wanted an ocean in your living room.

Visible on 3 sides

9.5 feet long x 4 feet wide x 2.5 feet deep

Comes with:
Chiller (2 Months Old)
Octopus Protein Skimmer
4 T3 Lamps
4 Metal Halide Lamps
Aquarium Stand and Material to build out cabinet

Blue Jaw Trigger
Sailfish Tang
Long Horn Cowfish
Scotts Ferry Wrasse
Solorensis Wrasse
2 Six Line Wrasse
Maroon Clown
Cortez Stingray
2 Tiger Eels
1 Snowflake Eel
2 Deresa Clams
Blood Shrimp
Halloween Hermit Crabs
Lots of Mushrooms
And others that I can’t think of.

Lots of Live Rock as well.

Sale is final. Buyer must arrange for pick up and transport. This is a HUGE Tank so bring muscle. It took me 9 people to move it. Florida

400 gal fish tank stand and canopy – $2500 (Homestead)

Aquarium with stand and canopy. This is a rimless glass tank with two overflows built in. The dimensions are 96x30x30 has pump ,lights, chiller, and sump. Tank is currently set up with a Nurse shark some pieces of live rock and sand in it. asking 2500 o.b.o. Stand is silver currently but you can change to any color you want call or email 77two 834 768two . Florida

450 Gallon Reef Tank Aquarium Fish Tank – $3000 (Edgewater)

Putting the big tank up for sale. It is acrylic, 96.5″ long x 28.5″ deep x 40″ high. The entire back wall including the overflow is foam rock covered and turned out way better than I ever thought it would. The stand is 36″ tall and the canopy is roughly 24″ tall making for a grand total of just under 9 feet tall.

Everything you see pictured including the livestock, plus a ton more equipment I have in the garage is included. Everything included works as I don’t keep any crap around hoping to fix it someday.

Here’s a breakdown of the tank equipment….

* 450 gallon tank
* Stand
* Canopy
* Tunze 6100 + wavebox cover and controller (I don’t use it currently but have)
* Hydor koralia
* 2 penductors for the return
* Little Giant 4 external pump (and I have two replacement pumps in the garage of the same model)
* ASM G4 Skimmer with Sedra 2500
* Homemade sumps and plumbing
* (3) led fixtures which are almost brand new and all the wiring timers powerstrips to support them
* Magnavore 8 magnet cleaner with extra cleaning pads

… in the garage
* replacement Sedra 2500 with extra impleller
* two little giant 4 pumps
* calcium reactor with media and 5lb CO2 tank full
* diatom filter
* two bins full of plumbing

… in the tank
* live rock, live rock, and more live rock
* couple of fish, nothing special
* many corals, not going to list them as they are not exotic but healthy

All this for $3000. This is a steal. The tank is 1 1/4″ acrylic. It has some scratches but I have all the scratch removal stuff you could ever want.

A few conditions. I’m not planning on parting out yet. If I was I would probably set up a new tank and move most of the livestock over besides the extra live rock and keep the tank for later in storage. I need to move within the next couple of weeks so I am motivated to sell as a package but don’t need the money so keep this in mind.

One additional condition. I’ll help you break the tank down but my responsibilty ends at my front door. We will also need some large big lads to move this bad boy. I’ve got a huge dolly to push it around on but getting it off the stand is going to be a job as the tank is very heavy by itself.
 Edgewater, Florida(  search Daytona Beach)

Aquarium, Fish Tank, 700 gallon total

It’s a custom built 550 gallon aquarium, the size is (10 foot) 120 inches wide, 30 inches breadth, 36 inches high, it comes with Oak Veneer stand, Oak veneer canopy with lighting system with cooling system, from the floor to top of canopy is 7 1/2 foot, the filtering system is a 150 gallon sump which makes entire water volume at 700 gallon and is powered by a 5500 gallon per hour pump (Hammerhead Gold Series) that still has 4 years warranty that sits inside stand. Rock, decorations, 1000 watt heating system, ultraviolet light (UV) and pump, dintrator (homemade) and pump, 6 wave makers, chemicals and flake food are included. Beautiful aquarium and would be ideal for someone who has the extra room or great for the front entrance of a business. Aquarium is just a little more than a year old, More pictures are available by request. Shipping is not available. Someone make me an offer.

Currently listed on e-bay

300 gal Marineland deep dimension tank stand and cannopy.


I am enjoying my time off. I see moving this tank is a bear and i need to adjust the price a little to “Move it” lol
You get the tank with no scratches only used for a year. Stand and cannopy custom made oak in very good condition that needs a little paint on the insides.
Stand is 30 inches tall and the cannopy is 14 inches tall. The rest is the same size as the marinelands specs.
You get a drilled 40 breeder glass tank and reeflo blackfin 3600 GPH pump that may need new seals. Maybe not. 2 jager heaters that work great and a bunch of other tank testing and chems i have left over. Plus a few odd and ends pumps and such that are in good condition.
I do check in 1-2 times a week so please be patient if i don’t get back right away. ITS HEAVY to move. You will need 4 STRONG guys to move and 2 trucks for all the equipment and stuff. Or 2 trips.
A chance to get one hell of a tank for cheap. I cleaned it up, Just needs a tad more but pretty clean though.
plumbing is all there if you want to re use it.
pics of it when new. Pretty much looks like that though.

on Michigan Reefers .com website

600 gallon acrylic aquarium w/ custom stand and LED light fixture awesome !!


Up for Sale is my

600 gallon acrylic aquarium less then a year old!!

Custom built stand 36″ tall

custom built LED light fixture

500 gallon acrylic 3 chambler sump.

The equipment is drained and ready to go!!

All Equipment is less then a year old!!

All sold as-is

the quipment is for sale locally and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

Buyer is responsible for pick up. moving, ect.

Pick up only

I have several companies to recommend

Paypal only

Happy Bidding

US $2,275.00

on e-bay



1000 gallon salt water aquarium – Tank measures 184” long x 36” wide x 36” tall.  Tank sets on a stainless steel skinned stand that doubles as a cabinet for the pump/filter/chilling equipment.  The stand measures the same size as the actual aquarium.  Total height for the aquarium is 6′. 

This aquarium was installed new in 2008 in a local pet shop.  New cost on the tank was just over $50,000.  Everything you see pictured is included including the coral, rocks, lights and chiller.  The chiller is a Artica with a Adriactic chiller panel.

This aquarium is used.  It was used in a busy pet store and has normal wear and tear from being used.  Everything is in good working condtion and it was being used until just a few weeks ago.  The aquarium has scratches in the acyrilic that can be seen in the pictures.  I have talked to a local company and they can be buffed out at an additional cost.  I would recommend doing it locally after it is moved.

If you are looking at this aquarium, you know far more about it than I do.  I am not the owner of the equipment, just listing it here for the owner.  I was hired to move, store and broker the equipment.  The aquarium is sitting in my climate controlled warehouse ready to be loaded on the new owners truck or trailer.  Shipping is the responsiblity of the buyer.  Delivery is available at an additional cost.  I will load at no charge. 

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email or call anytime at 417-299-2476.

I realize it can be hard to buy things on the internet from someone you do not know.  I do my best to be honest and describe my items fairly and accurately.  I have a 100% feedback rating and I strive to keep it that way.  When dealing with me you will be treated fairly and I will do my best to make sure you are happy with your purchase.  My reputation and my customers satisfaction is very important.  If you ever have a question about an item please feel free to call me at 417-299-2476.  This is my cell phone number and I can be reached at that number anytime.

on e-bay $9999.00

550 gal aquarium with stand and filter – $999 (Monterey Park)

For sale 550 gal aquarium with stand , Size of the tank LxWxH, 96″ x 36″ x 37.5″ tank all glass with euro brace on top and bottom, come with wood stand
New tank alone will cost over $5000.00
I will sell the set for only $999.00 OBO.
Located in Monterey Park
call 323 726 6708
los angeles craigslist > san gabriel valley

300 gallon saltwater aquarium – $4500 (North Hollywood)



Have a really nice saltwater glass aquarium worth well over $4500 ill even throw in over $500 of live coral and fish. Interested in a small car running( toyota, ford, honda etc…) and in decent condition also interested in a macbook pro 17″ , ipad 2 or 3, 50-60″ lcd tv, four wheeler, or let me know what you have. If interested email me for more information and pictures.

Will clean up and set it up over the week end these pictures are really bad will post new ones soon.

Here are some pics we just took since we took it out of storage. I will set up correctly but here are some pics and specs in the meantime.
Its a 300g glass tank its about 48″ by 24″ by 36″ tall don’t have a tape measure but will get one if needed specific measurements it has a corner over flow it comes with glass sump, skimmer, calcium reactors, phosphate reactor, Ro top off, 200lbs of premium tonga live rock, live sand, retrofit t5 light, wood stand and other accessories will get detail Brands I also will include service and maintenance when tank is set up I can service the tank do testing, scrubbing etc…. And water changes . ( tank has no chiller and canopy also you will need hose and bulk heads)

Hollywood, CA.

300 gallon aquarium BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY TANK (complete setup) SALT WATER – $2000 (Palmdale )

Willing to entertain reasonable offers… Please do not hesitate to contact me not interested in any trades cash in hand only

This tank was used as my main display tank dividing my living room and my dining room….
tank has a side overflow and is completely see through giving a respectable view
throughout the entire tank on BOTH ENDS!

list of everything can be found below!


tank was well taken care of and i don’t think it has even minor scratches
so it is in pristine condition!

the dims on the tank are as follows…
6.5 (long)x30x30

very deep tank provides awesome aqua-scaping possibilities with plenty of fish room and great for smaller sharks
providing ample turn around room!! NEVER TREATED WITH COPPER so very shark and coral friendly!!!

————————–WILL PART OUT TANK ONLY (no lights, sump or other equipment) for $1,300
—————-tank condition is FLAWLESS

Willing to entertain reasonable offers
——————Tank (6.5 (long)x30x30) (plenty of depth providing max room for great aqua-scaping)
——————lights (x3 250w MH)
——————return pump
——————sump (135 gallon)
——————ALL plumbing


Boxer Jack Wolfe

Jack "Kid" Wolfe, "Rainbow" Wolfe, Kid Jack Wolfe, Kid Wolfe Detroit

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