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Commercial Coral propagation system – $10275 (Salem)







Complete Coral propagation and warehousing system 4 300 gallon frag stations (8 ft x 3 ft) one 550 gallon Mari culturing tank (16 ft x 3 ft) pumps, lights T5HO, skimmer and filtration and one fish staging tank with 36 separation areas. This system is complete and operational serious inquiries only please not willing to part out yet must sell some room for negotiation for a quick sale.

Can include current coral inventory for an additional fee over 7 thousand in stock.
Wisconsin craigslist

520 gallon reef aquarium – $6000 (port orchard)

520 gallon reef tank,starfire glass,custom built cherry stand and canopy.Lighting includes 2)4ft.solaris led fixtures,4)250 watt de halides,2)400 watt mogul halides,2)175 watt mogul halides,2)440 watt vho ice cap ballasts with end caps and bulbs.MRC mr-2 dual beckett protein skimmer with gen-x pcx 55 pump.MRC 2 stage calcium reactor with pump,ph controller,5lb.co2 bottle with dual guage regulator and solenoid.2)hammerhead return pumps,36 watt uv sterilizer,kent marine 60 gpd 4 stage rodi water filter with extra filters,2) 5500 gph tunze stream pumps with 7095 multi controller, aqua controller jr.,pinpoint ph monitor,oceans motions wave maker,extra tanks include 100 ga.acrylic sump,50 ga. acrylic for fresh saltwater,90 ga. glass tank,29 ga. glass tank etc. lots of extra stuff, too much to list. call 360-710-7786 with any questions.All fish,corals and rock have already been sold.


Washington craigslist

315 Gallon Custom Steel Frame Aquarium Full Setup with ALL LIVESTOCK!! – $6500 (Houston)

I’m going to regret this…The following prices are for new ($6500 for whole set up).
– Description: 315 gallon oceanic steel frame reef ready show tank (dual overflow ) $6000
– Age: 3yrs old (excellent condition with 1 or 2 minor scratches)
– Dimension: 84x24x36 (fit through single entry door way)
– Custom high quality wood support stand – painted black $1450
– Oceanic chiller 1 HP $1500
– Custom refugium sump with float valve & light $750
– 2 Mag 1800 return pump $150×2 = $300
– 25 Watt Emperor Aquatic UV Sterilizer $350
– 1 Mag 950 for Protein skimmer $100
– Precision Marine Protein skimmer $180
– Precision Marine calcium reactor $650
– Coralife Aqualight Elite Series 3×250 Watt Metal Halides & 2X96W Compact Fluorescents, 72 inch $1000
– Estimated 300 lbs live rock $1800
– Estimated over $2000 worth of corals, fish, inverts.
– Misc accessories as well (RO/DI unit, etc) $500

Please serious buyers only. Price listed above are for new. I’m asking $6500 OBO which is less than 50% new. Tank is super heavy & will require profesional movers at your cost. Thanks for looking.

Texas craigslist

300g RR Saltwater aquarium – $3250 (Oak Point)

300g package
on a steel stand thats longer than the actual tank
tanks is 96x30tx24
stand is 119″ total length 97″ total height (can be lowered to fit inside 8′ if crown moldings dropped an inch)
steel frame with faux stand that slides over it.
comes with 2-300lbs sand
300+lbs of liverock
back wall done with foam and live rock (been running about 3-4 years now)
3x250MH SE 12k reeflux bulbs with large large lumenarc reflectors (older IC ballasts)
Iwaki 55rlt return pump
Two sumps:
One a 75 gallon tank partitioned, the other is a trigger systems sump (pic tured)
ATB econo 1050A skimmer
Small pc bulb over fuge
Original style vortec pump
1/2″ sea swirl on one side of return, SCWD on other side
All plumbing has unions so it can be reused. Also have manifolds for easier water changes etc etc.

Pictured but not going with the tank:
tunze wavebox
livestock (fish and coral)
Texas craiglist

950 gallon Custom Acrylic Aquarium – $6500 (Central Dallas)

950 gallon Custom Acrylic Aquarium with Black Powder Coated Steel Support Stand. The dimensions are 96″ x 48″ x 48″, L x W x H. This aquarium is used but has been polished out to brand new condition. It has one center back overflow box with (2) holes for 1 1/2″ drain and (2) holes for 1″ return. There are also (4) holes in the bottom for 1″ bulkheads. This aquarium wholesales brand new for $12,000.00. If you are looking for a super deal on a very large custom aquarium then you need to check it out. Delivery is available for an additional fee.
Texas craigslist