Impressive Large Aquarium (Big Fish Tank)$12500 (Rose Hill, KS)

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: 148 x 52 x 71 inches


838 Gallon Home Aquarium for Sale

Included: tank, stand, and equipment pictured to enable turn-key use of aquarium once installed.
– Aquarium stands 71 inches tall, 148 inches long, and 52 inches wide.
– Two independent filter systems with separate pumps (120 volt). One filtered thru mechanical filter media and UV sterilizer. Second filtered thru gravity fed bio-tanks located below tank in stand.
– Two mounted air bubblers are located in floor of tank and fed from air supply pump in stand.
– Exterior stand cabinetry with integrated sound deadening material and seals to reduce ambient noise from pumps.
– 220 volt tank chiller that includes automatic temperature control.
– ~ 2000 lbs of natural stream rock.
– Integrated stand cooling fan, filters, and exhaust to increase chiller effectiveness and tank temperature stability.
– Overhead lighting units with associated timers.
– Accessories, cleaning magnets, brushes and other items can be included at no extra cost.
– Tank is made of acrylic with walls 2.0 inches thick. Top and bottom acrylic panels are 1.0 inches think.
– Stand is built with 2.0 inch hollow tube steel. Construction is welded and the steel is anodized/treated to inhibit corrosion.
– Cabinetry for stand is built from heavy particle board and has been sealed with industrial gloss paint to insure resistance to water.
– Aquarium has been in continuous use since 2006. Only been used for freshwater service.
– 2” Crack in top of tank caused by manufacturing/installation error repaired in 2008 and has not grown since that time.
– Aquarium has no known issues, is stable in operation, and guidance for its ongoing usage can be provided.
– Tank weights roughly 1500 lbs when empty.
– Stand weights roughly 850 lbs.
– Entire Aquarium weight an estimated 15,000 lbs fully loaded and running.
– Stand mounted bio-tanks have accommodations for heating units, but have not been needed in current residence.
– There is a long scratch on one end the tank caused by a rock being lodged under the algae magnet cleaner. While long, the scratch is not deep and can be buffed out when tank is empty. Tank has not been emptied since original startup in 2006.
– Tank was built to home Koi and very large fresh water fish.
– Aquarium has exceptional flow circulation. Small fish (less than 2 inches in length) are likely to experience difficulties with the tank’s strong currents.
– There are minor scratches at rock line near the bottom of the tank.
– Aquarium has been meticulously maintained and is in operation now.
– All support paperwork, including engineering and equipment documents, will be provided.

It will be the buyers responsibility to supply and coordinate all resources necessary to move the tank from my residence. I will support and advice in every way I can. Be advised, this aquarium is the real thing and will take commitment and planning on the buyers part to move and setup successfully. That being said, this aquarium is complete, professional, and will impress.


Author: trifisherjoe1

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