300 gal salt water aquarium – $2900 Atlanta

I have a 300 gal take for sale with stand. Stand needs repainted and sanded. It has 5 fluorescent led light on the top. Has a 75 gal dump underneath it. Has 300 pounds of live rock and we have 8 fish in it and some snails. There are some mushrooms in here also. I just don’t have time for it any more. text
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360gal Saltwater Shark Tank- Complete Setup-MUST SEE – $4500 (2498 S Welch Place, AZ.) 

condition: good
size / dimensions: 56x56x60

You read right, SHARK Show tank! My loss is your gain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV2xiEPUqa8 This is a Professionally done beautiful show tank. The plumbing is set up like a hot tub, with a Large pool pump as the main pump and a separate circulation pump to make maintenance easy. Display tank is made of 3/4″ thick tempered glass (not acrylic which scratches easily), Center overflow so the tank is visible from all 4 sides, 65 gallon custom made sump tank has 3 sections, UV sterilization, giant protein skimmer, auto top off (because the tank evaporates 5 gallons of water a day) Chaeto filter(google it), Even has backup battery power if the power goes out. Let’s talk details!
——————–Description————————————————–Quantity——Price for replacement
Tank and Stand:
~~~~~~~360 Gal 3/4″ thick Glass tank (56″x56″x32″) ——————–x1———-$4000
~~~~~~~Professional Custom made Aquarium cover (56″x56″x10″)—–x1———-$400
~~~~~~~Professional custom made Aquarium stand(56″x56″x36″)——-x1———-$400
~~~~~~~Razor 160w led lights————————————————–x2———-($500/ea)
~~~~~~~Oddysea 90W light—————————————————–x1———-($159)
Liverock & Sand:
~~~~~~~Liverock—————————————————————-x200lbs—–($2/lbs =400$)
~~~~~~~Fiji Liverock (purple)————————————————-x200lbs—–(6$/lbs =1200$)
~~~~~~~Arganite Livesand—————————————————–x300lbs—–(1$/lbs =300$)
~~~~~~~12″ Banded Cat shark————————————————-x3———-(100$/ea) (2 SOLD)
~~~~~~~15″ Lionfish————————————————————x1———-(90$)
~~~~~~~36″ Zebra Eel———————————————————-x1———-(200$)
(be careful feeding, bit metal feeding stick in half and almost pulled in the girlfriend)
~~~~~~~18″ Queen Triggerfish————————————————x1———-(300$)
~~~~~~~22″ Panther Grouper————————————————–x1———- (150$)
~~~~~~~7″ Emperor Angel—————————————————–x1———-(200$)
~~~~~~~6″ Yellow Tang——————————————————–x2———-(70$/ea)
~~~~~~~7″ Hypotang (Dory)—————————————————x1———-(80$)
~~~~~~~7″ Purple Tang———————————————————x1———-(200$)
~~~~~~~6″ Sailfish Tang——————————————————–x1———-(60$)
They live in anemones (thats right just like finding nemo, they actually feed the anemones)
~~~~~~~8″ Cole Tang————————————————————x1———-(50$)
~~~~~~~Blue Velvet Damsel—————————————————-x2———-(5$)
~~~~~~~XL Rose bubble tip anemone—————————————–x4———-(99$/ea)
They keep multiplying, started with 2
Pumps & Filtration
~~~~~~~6000GPH Main Pump Baldor Motor with reeflo Pump———-x1———-(700$)
~~~~~~~1100GPH Circulation Pump bluelight aqua pump(model 30x)–x1———-(160$)
~~~~~~~Auto Topoff setup——————————————————x1———-(150$)
~~~~~~~36w Uv sterilizer——————————————————-x1———-(200$)
~~~~~~~In tank circulation pump———————————————-x2———-(40$/ea)
~~~~~~~Chaeto Filter————————————————————x1———-(150$)
~~~~~~~Grounding Probe for Sharks—————————————– x1———-(30$)

This price does not include delivery. The tank itself (empty) weighs 800lbs. It took 10 people to move into the house.

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600 GAL ACRYLIC AQUARIUM & ALL EQUIPMENT $5,000★★ – $5000 (Anthem, AZ.)



Tank is currently set up and established as saltwater Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR)

Tank Dimensions 36″H 36″D 9’L , 1″ thick acrylic. Tank is drilled in bottom (6) for variable circulation options. Full wood cabinet with full hood. Cabinet height 76 inches. 


20″ Synergy Reef Overflow ($250 new)
50 gal sump
72″ Orbit Marine PRO Reef LED Aquarium light with wireless control ($1,400)
KessilA360W E series Tuna Blue ($400)
� HP Aquarium Chiller
80W Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizer
Little Giant 1100 GPH pump
Sicce Syncya PRO pump 1500 GPH
3 Tunze powerheads
1000 lbs Live Rock (approximate)


4 Large Mono
1 Show Sailfin Tang
1 Yellow tang
1 Large Blonde Naso Tang
1 Humu Trigger
1 Large Niger Trigger
1 Blue Spot Toby Pufferfish
1 Large Porcupine Pufferfish
1 Large Green Bird Wrasse
1 Very Large Bubble Tip Anemone
1 small Bubble Tip Anemone
1 large Green Star polyp
Misc crabs, snails, etc

You must arrange to have it moved.

Steen 623-889-1799



Marineland 300g deep reef tank aquarium new – $2200 Las Vegas

Low iron glass, 30″x72x36 new never used with a 36″ tall steel black powder coated frame. Having a kid so won’t be able to setup now. Buyer responsible for moving with out damaging my home lol. It’s very heavy and most be carried sideways due to door frame only being 32″ this is a very large aquarium intended for saltwater.


☎ (702) 439-7903

Aquarium FOR SALE! Brand New Mint Condition 375 Gal. Starfire Glass – $2800 (Fort Lauderdale)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Custom
size / dimensions: 96″x 30″x 30″
375 gal. (96″L x 30″W x 30″H). Custom made room divider/peninsula style display aquarium, all 3 viewing sides are 1/2″ starfire glass. Bottom of tank is 3/4″ glass. Built in overflow is setup for (2 x 1″ bulkheads) and (2 x 1.5″ bulkheads). Glass splash guard around top of entire aquarium. All corners and bottom of aquarium are reinforced. Buyer responsible for pick up and transportation. Price ($2,800.00) FIRM. Cash or Money Order ONLY. Beautiful aquarium that is extremely well made by a professional company that has been making aquariums for 20+ years. Serious Buyers Only. Text or Call 1-954-649-4419.

Approx 500gal. AGE cliff tank $2500(Houston,Texas) The Fish Gallery


Custom AGE cliff tank with steel stand, 3/4″ glass, unique drop-off design. 72″x42″x42″ $2500. rdegregori@thefishgallery.com for info!

Others available!!

Photo Sep 08, 16 56 02.jpg

Houston Display Donut/Wedding Cake $1500 tank and stand. Two tier tank with metal support stand 72x48x18. rdegregori@thefishgallery.com for info!


Houston Custom Saltwater Reef Display $1000 tank, stand, and custom stonework 72x24x32. rdegregori@thefishgallery.com for info!

Photo Sep 08, 16 52 48 (1).jpg

Custom AGE Frag tank with steel stand, 1/2″ glass 60x30x18. rdegregori@thefishgallery.com for info!

Photo Sep 08, 16 54 31.jpgPhoto Sep 08, 16 54 20.jpg

5000gpd RO Unit, large holding vats, jumbo sumps and large bio tower – CONTACT FOR PRICING SELLING CHEAP. rdegregori@thefishgallery.com for info!

IMG_2605sm.jpgPhoto Sep 08, 16 53 13.jpg

MANY AVAILABLE store use systems – 30 and 50 gallon holding tanks, drilled on bottom, pyramid steel racks available – CONTACT FOR PRICE. rdegregori@thefishgallery.com for info!

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