360gal Saltwater Shark Tank- Complete Setup-MUST SEE – $4500 (2498 S Welch Place, AZ.) 

condition: good
size / dimensions: 56x56x60

You read right, SHARK Show tank! My loss is your gain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV2xiEPUqa8 This is a Professionally done beautiful show tank. The plumbing is set up like a hot tub, with a Large pool pump as the main pump and a separate circulation pump to make maintenance easy. Display tank is made of 3/4″ thick tempered glass (not acrylic which scratches easily), Center overflow so the tank is visible from all 4 sides, 65 gallon custom made sump tank has 3 sections, UV sterilization, giant protein skimmer, auto top off (because the tank evaporates 5 gallons of water a day) Chaeto filter(google it), Even has backup battery power if the power goes out. Let’s talk details!
——————–Description————————————————–Quantity——Price for replacement
Tank and Stand:
~~~~~~~360 Gal 3/4″ thick Glass tank (56″x56″x32″) ——————–x1———-$4000
~~~~~~~Professional Custom made Aquarium cover (56″x56″x10″)—–x1———-$400
~~~~~~~Professional custom made Aquarium stand(56″x56″x36″)——-x1———-$400
~~~~~~~Razor 160w led lights————————————————–x2———-($500/ea)
~~~~~~~Oddysea 90W light—————————————————–x1———-($159)
Liverock & Sand:
~~~~~~~Liverock—————————————————————-x200lbs—–($2/lbs =400$)
~~~~~~~Fiji Liverock (purple)————————————————-x200lbs—–(6$/lbs =1200$)
~~~~~~~Arganite Livesand—————————————————–x300lbs—–(1$/lbs =300$)
~~~~~~~12″ Banded Cat shark————————————————-x3———-(100$/ea) (2 SOLD)
~~~~~~~15″ Lionfish————————————————————x1———-(90$)
~~~~~~~36″ Zebra Eel———————————————————-x1———-(200$)
(be careful feeding, bit metal feeding stick in half and almost pulled in the girlfriend)
~~~~~~~18″ Queen Triggerfish————————————————x1———-(300$)
~~~~~~~22″ Panther Grouper————————————————–x1———- (150$)
~~~~~~~7″ Emperor Angel—————————————————–x1———-(200$)
~~~~~~~6″ Yellow Tang——————————————————–x2———-(70$/ea)
~~~~~~~7″ Hypotang (Dory)—————————————————x1———-(80$)
~~~~~~~7″ Purple Tang———————————————————x1———-(200$)
~~~~~~~6″ Sailfish Tang——————————————————–x1———-(60$)
They live in anemones (thats right just like finding nemo, they actually feed the anemones)
~~~~~~~8″ Cole Tang————————————————————x1———-(50$)
~~~~~~~Blue Velvet Damsel—————————————————-x2———-(5$)
~~~~~~~XL Rose bubble tip anemone—————————————–x4———-(99$/ea)
They keep multiplying, started with 2
Pumps & Filtration
~~~~~~~6000GPH Main Pump Baldor Motor with reeflo Pump———-x1———-(700$)
~~~~~~~1100GPH Circulation Pump bluelight aqua pump(model 30x)–x1———-(160$)
~~~~~~~Auto Topoff setup——————————————————x1———-(150$)
~~~~~~~36w Uv sterilizer——————————————————-x1———-(200$)
~~~~~~~In tank circulation pump———————————————-x2———-(40$/ea)
~~~~~~~Chaeto Filter————————————————————x1———-(150$)
~~~~~~~Grounding Probe for Sharks—————————————– x1———-(30$)

This price does not include delivery. The tank itself (empty) weighs 800lbs. It took 10 people to move into the house.

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    ☎ (920) 619-5396


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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

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