Established Aquarium – $4300 (Erie, Co.) 


Entire established setup and livestock. Will not seperate. Over ten thousand dollar value.

Retails for

Tank – 300 gallon. $4000
3 LED lights. 2400
Flow pump. 600
2 overflow boxes. 600
150lbs live rock. 900
120w IV light. 800
Sump/skimmer/pump. 800
3 heaters. 150

Fish included:
Clown tang
Clown trigger
Maroon clown
Yellow tang
Potters angel
2 chromis



Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

Attention!! Web site is for entertainment only, it is only intended to show prices and set ups of aquariums for sale. Check Craigslist city listed for tank info., if unable to find I would assume tank sold. Emails will not be answered in the form of "is this tank still for sale?" or "whats the contact info?"... will not be answered.

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

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Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

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