300 Gallon Custom Oceanic Aquarium System with African Cichlids – $2000 (Murphy, tx) 


condition: good
make / manufacturer: Oceanic
size / dimensions: 72x36x21

I’ve had this tank now for 10 years, it has been a wonderful tank but it’s time for something new. This was a custom ordered tank from Oceanic Aquariums (AKA NOT CHEAP). The tank is a reef ready with the over flow on the side so the tank can be setup to be a room divider, up against the wall or out in the open. You can view this tank from all sides and it’s like a different tank because of the depth of the tank and views. I’ve got an Aquarium controller (essentially a computer) with it fully programmed to automate a lot of functions. You can remotely check on the aquarium from an smart phone (iPhone and Android) and see the Amps, Conductivity, ORP, pH and Temperature. Can manually control, pumps, chiller, lights, heaters, etc. It has a light schedule based on a true day time shift (less light in the winter and more in the summer, to simulate true day time lighting). It has all sort of cool features; sure to impress. Below is a general list of everything that goes with it.

300 Gallon Oceanic Aquarium 72″ (L) X 36″ (W) X 21″ (H).
Several hundred pounds of TX holly rock (sold by the lb at the stores)
River Rock base
Lots of African Cichlids (Males and Females) and fry (Acei, Blue Johanni, Brichardi, Electric Blue, Electric Yellow, Moorii, Red Peacock, Venustus, and Zebra)
55 gallon All Glass sump with (maintenance free) fluidized K1 media filter
30 Gallon Eclipse Aquarium (grow out tank)
Delta Star Pro Trimline Series TLD-4 Aquarium Chiller 1/3 HP
Titanium Programmable Heater and regular heaters (like Aqueaeon)
Apex Aquarium Controller (fully programmed)
PM2 Control box and Apex EnergyBar 8 (programmable power strip)
Automatic water changing system
Grounding probe
Lots of premium fish food (more than a year’s worth of food, Dainichi color mix, Dainichi Color Supreme, Dainichi Veggie Deluxe, these foods really bring out the color of the fish)
Max-Flo 2900 Laguna 3000 gph system pump
500 gph chiller pump
500 gph recirculating pump
Algae Scrubber Filter
36 Watt UV filter
EcoPlus Commercial Air 3 Luft Pump
Happy Little Fish canister for chemical media
Cichlids water treatment chemicals
Big roll of filter pad (lots of filter pad to last a long while, I buy in bulk)
Lots of misc fish related items (small tanks, hoses, nets, filters, testing kits, water pumps, fittings, etc)

Can easily sell off fry to pay for foods, equipment upgrades or repairs. Fish are very prolific, I’ve always had fry in the tank to scoop up. Sell the fry at 3 to 4 bucks a pop, you can see this tank keeps it’s self going. I’ve sold a couple 100 fry, do the math….. yep! I automated as much as possible so there is more enjoyment of the tank than working on the tank; like automatic water changing system. Add up the cost of all of the parts to this system and you will see I am selling it already for 1/2 the cost. So if you’re going to make an offer…. lets make it reasonable. You will need a moving truck or trailer to get everything (or a big pickup truck and lots of trips back and forth). Plus you will want like 4 guys to move it. The tank is very big and bulky so more guys the better to make it easier to move.

Weekends work well or the evenings during the week after 6 pm. You will want to see everything in person to grasp how impressive this tank is. So contact me what times would work best for you and we’ll make arrangements.

e-mail n5hk3-5675135129@sale.craigslist.org

Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

Attention!! Web site is for entertainment only, it is only intended to show prices and set ups of aquariums for sale. Check Craigslist city listed for tank info., if unable to find I would assume tank sold. Emails will not be answered in the form of "is this tank still for sale?" or "whats the contact info?"... will not be answered.

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