1000 Gallon Huge Aquarium 8ft x 6ft x 2.5ft – $15000 (South Asheville,NC)


I am going to sell my prized Predator Aquarium. I will sell either the tank/stand for $10,000 or the entire filtration setup for $15,000. I can reuse the filtration which is why I could sell either way. I’m only selling this tank to go with a smaller coral only setup that can be placed on our main level.

This aquarium is 8ft x 6ft x 30″ tall. It is made out of acrylic with an internal overflow box/filtration. The stand was professionally made/welded to support this weight and has adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors. I have added an external sump/filtration as well to handle the extreme bioload of sharks and stingrays. (livestock, sand and rock can be included for the full 15k price). It could use a quick once over with NOVUS plastic polish to remove some fine scratches but over all the tank is in good condition. It is not new and it is acrylic so yes there are some fine scratches.

Here is a list of items included and costs:

Acrylic Tank (18k new)
Steel Stand(painted/coated with adjustable feet) (over $2000)
Total $20,000

Entire Setup above plus:
Aqua UV Ultima II 1000 Bead Filter $505.49
Panworld 250PS pump $339.99 (main circulation pump)
Aqua-C EV-1000 Protein Skimmer $659.99
Panworld 200Ps pump $294.99 (powers skimmer/filter socks)
Aqua-C 5L Skimmer Collection Container $89.99
Maxspect Gyre 150 Wave Maker (x2) $269.99 each $539.98 total
Icecap Battery Backup $
Dual 7″ Filter socks with carbon/purigen $75
Rubbermaid 50 gallon sump $100
Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper Elite (controls temp/heater/chiller/ozone) $369.99
Digital Aquatics Orp probe $79.99
Digital Aquatics Dual Float Kit (for auto top off never installed) $64.99
Ultralife Ultrazone 200mg Ozone Generator (removes fish smell and clears water) $220.99
Eheim 100 Airpump $39.99
JBJ Artica 1/5hp Chiller 719.99
450gph Pump for chiller $50
1000 Watt Heater (cost unknown)
Aquatic Life Halo LED Deluxe (1 with controller for day/night) $349.99
Aquatic Life Halo LED Lights (x5 $299) each $1495
Magnavore M-6ER Acrylic Safe magnetic cleaner/polisher $114.99

TOTAL $6220.33

Grand Total of $26220.33 !!!

Will sell for $15,000 with everything

please email m3jeremy (at) hotmail.com for cell phone number so we can talk futher. Located in Asheville NC 28803



Author: trifisherjoe1

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