600 Gallon SPS Reef Aquarium – $8900 Chicago

Our tank is a 600 Gallon Reef tank made by Miracles Aquariums in Canada. It is made from Starfire glass measuring 10 feet long by 36 inches wide by 30 inches tall. The tank has a center overflow with the holes drilled in the bottom under the overflow. The stand is one of a kind constructed of hard maple by the Grogg. It has a matching canopy with a built in barrel fan giving more than enough room to conceal the lights and keep the tank cool. The original setup without water cost about 8K.What’s in the tank. I will do the best I can here but I am sure I will forget stuff.

Substrate, invertebrates, and clams.

The tank has been running for about 9 years. It has about 300 pounds of live sand and 500 pounds of Marco rock. There is currently about 2000 crabs and 1000 snails in the tank. The sand bed has critters galore and the reef is super healthy. There are probably 20 cukes, a half a dozen linkia’s, a gzillion feather dusters, maybe a dozen emerald crabs, a HUGE serpent star (probably 24 inches when stretched out), a clam that is much larger than a football, some smaller colored serpent star’s, a few different kinds of shrimp, and a lot of stuff I am forgetting right now that I will add to this as I think of it.

Livestock. Most the fish in the tank are as big as they will get in a 600 gallon tank. Basically show size.

The friendliest king of the tank is our 18-20″ long Vlamingi tang streamers and all. We also have a Blonde Naso, Blue Hippo, and a Kole Tang. The angels we have an Emperor, Koran, blue ring, and a Coral beauty. A couple of the angels have some marks on their heads from crappy carbon I bought from a LFS (now out of business). I have not run carbon since and they are almost completely healed. Other miscellaneous fish we have that have all been living grand for years include a flame hawkfish (mr. curious), Copper banded butterfly, dragon mandarin, about a dozen springer damsels, random gobies of different colors living in the coral. There is a single clownfish in the tank that is not part of any of this. He has been with me through every tank. He has survived broken tanks and so many different disasters its insane. I have had the clown fish for literally 2 decades. I have no idea how long clownfish are supposed to live but he stays!

Now for the coral.

So I never really had the time to try and understand the different technical names of all the coral that is out there. I figured out pretty quick all I really liked was the SPS. I had an LPS tank and I got rid of it. I guess you can call me an SPS snob but I really liked the look and challenge of keeping the SPS the most. If it was cool looking and colorful I grabbed a frag or a mini colony. I tried to keep as many different colors as possible. I regularly added frags of ORA corals. Many of these corals have been growing for years. As you will see by the pictures many of the colonies are huge and they are fighting for space. With as busy as I have been at work I have corals growing out of the water. I know there is tri color stuff, blueberry something, lemonade something, red planet, slimers, all different kind of acro’s, 2-3 different kinds of Bonzai, different stylo’s one amazingly bright pink, different birds nests, some of the colonies are close to basketball size. There are plating monti’s, superman, sunset, watermelon, etc. There is multiple colored mili’s, some yellow cap with purple on top that I have not seen anything like it ever. (grows super slow). If you look through the pictures and see something I missed please let me know and I will add it to the post. All the coral has been running under LED lights for a couple years now.

What is not included.

I am keeping the return pump, Tunze flow pumps and the Tunze rocks they are in, skimmer, calcium reactor, bio pellet reactor, and lights/drivers. Everything else is included. (except nemo the clownfish of course)

***e-mail only this link 3bnxn-5438165614@sale.craigslist.org

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