Sale Pending…Sold!: 680 Gallon Aquarium – $3500 (Sugar Land, TX)


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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Oceanic
model name / number: 680 Gallon Aquarium
size / dimensions: 10′ x 3′ x 3′


********Sale Pending ********Unfortunately, just 8 months after I set up this fantastic tank, I am moving out of state. My loss is your gain. . . I bought this used from ADG and am the second owner. Everything goes as a single package. If you are serious about keeping fish, this is a deal of a lifetime and it is priced to move fast.

Tank Details:

• 680 gallon glass tank with 3/4″ glass, reinforced bottom, and heavy duty steel frame on top and bottom. Glass lids also included.
• The tank is 10′ x 3′ x 3′, has no leaks, and a few very minor scratches that are almost unnoticeable even up close. The tank is in great condition.
• 75 gallon sump with and Blueline 70HD pump (I installed a new impeller a few months ago)
• Custom Cabinetry in African Sapele wood (I paid $1,500 for just this a couple months ago!)
• 2 x Eheim 2260 cannisters that run like new and are whisper quiet
• 4 x Current Satellite LED+ 48″ lights with remotes
• I installed two stand pipes in the overflow box to reduce noise.
• 1 x Hydor in-line heater & 1 x Eheim drop-in heater
• 500 pounds of torpedo sand, 3 huge stumps, a lot of beautiful boulders and rocks, plus a bunch of plastic plants.
• Innumerable smaller items, supplies, etc as seen in photos. Please note that the 2L jug of Purigen and the 10 jugs of Marineland Diamond Blend are unopened. Just the supplies are worth about $500.
• I have at least a year’s supply of premium Spectrum foods.
• All fish are included with sale and most are still only half grown:
o 9 x 6″+ Wide Bar Silver Dollars, Myleus Schomburgki (rare)
o 12 x 3-4″ assorted rainbow fish
o 1 x 4″ Gold Nugget Pleco
o 4 x 5″ Geophagus Surinamensis
o 3 x 4″ Biotodoma Cupido
o 1 x 5″ Pink Tail Chalceus
o 1 x 7″ Flagtail
o 2 x 6-7″ Monodactylus (one Argenteus, one Sebae)
o 4 x 1-2″ GBRs
o 2 x 3″ Queen Loaches
o 9 x 3-4″ Clown Loaches
o 5 x 4″ Roseline Barbs
o 4 x 5″ Electric Blue Acaras
o 4 x 5″ Bala Sharks
o 3 x 3″ Lemon Cichlids (Neolamprologus Leleupi)
o 2 x 4″ Julidochromis Marlieri
• Videos are posted on YouTube:

Moving Considerations: ADG gave me a quote for professionally moving and re-installing the tank at your house for $1,200. That includes labor, moving, parts & materials for setting it up at your house. ADG did a great job installing it at my house and have all the correct equipment to do the work correctly and efficiently without damaging your home. You may be tempted to try and self-move this, but I seriously doubt the feasibility of such an approach.

Price: I have invested approximately $7,500 in decorations, fish, and innumerable supplemental items. I believe the replacement value would easily exceed $10,000. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you could easily have it all set up at your house before Christmas. It is guaranteed to awe and impress your guests.

I am firm at $3,500 with the proviso that you hire ADG to move it and that you handle all the logistics of breakdown and moving. I would be happy to make a house call once you have it set up at your house in case you need help. Add in $1,200 for moving and you could have a fully loaded and stocked supertank for just $4,700. That’s as good a deal as you will ever find and I anticipate it won’t stay on the market long.

No contact phone# due to pending sale…Sold,Sold,Sold!

Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

Attention!! Web site is for entertainment only, it is only intended to show prices and set ups of aquariums for sale. Check Craigslist city listed for tank info., if unable to find I would assume tank sold. Emails will not be answered in the form of "is this tank still for sale?" or "whats the contact info?"... will not be answered.

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