450 gallon acrylic aquarium made by “Clear for Life” 8’L x 3’W x 30″H with center/center overflow box. 1” thick acrylic. Viewable from all 4 sides. Shining WHITE sand with a few hundred pounds of live rock and many large coral skeletons and colored plastic corals. Water drains out of the over flow, into a 40 gal. open sump with a VERTEX ALPHA 300 Protien skimmer 2nd best skimmer on the market only next to its brother Bubble King (Both made in same factory and same materials). Skimmer has a OZOTECH POSEIDON 200 Ozone generator with its Ozotech Ozone Air dryer and of course a Milwaulkee ORP controller. Skimmer also has a Vertex Vexta self cleaning Head. The 40 gal. sump drains into a ECOSYSTEM 4216 REFUGIUM 55 gallons. with Mangrove plants, 50LB of MIRACLE MUD and macro algae. Little Giant 4MDQX 1325GPH pumps water into a JBJ Arctica Titanium 1/2HP chiller followed by a Aqua UV 40 Watt UV Sterilizer w/ Wiper. Top of the line filtration!! Water is then finally returned into the tank via REEFLO DART 3600GPH pump. 2 Jebao WP40’s and a Hydor Koralia Magnum 2200gph pump give great water flow through out the aquarium. 2 – 120w LEDs white/blue light up the aquarium, These lights are very strong and great, I have been able to grow everything from Soft corals, LPS, and SPS. All lights including the 2 refugium lights are on timers. Fish included are: 7″ Annularis Angelfish, 3.5″ Powder Blue tang, Melanuris Wrasse, 6line wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse and a diamond Goby. Also included are 400 Nassarius snails that keep the tank VERY clean. This is a turn key system ready for any type of fish or coral. I built this for serious reef keeping with no water changes needed. $5,000.

Not everyone is looking for a complete setup so here are the ONLY options for breaking up the setup:

1. Tank, Stand (with cabinets) Canopy, rocks, coral skeletons/decorations and sand – $3,000

2. Alpha 300 skimmer, Ozotech ozone, air dryer, Milwaukee ORP contoller, Vertex self cleaning head, 40 gal sump, 55 Gal. ECOSYSTEM Refugium, 50lb Miracle Mud, Little Giant pump, JBJ Chiller, 40Watt Aqua UV, REEFLO pump, 2-wp40s, and 2 – 120w LEDS – $2,500

3. Alpha 300 skimmer, Ozotech ozone, air dryer, Milwaukee ORP contoller and Vertex self cleaning head – $1,500

All filtration is a little over 1 year old. But I only used the Skimmer for 4 months
I can give you tons of bio balls as well if you want them
Prices are **FIRM** I’m not desperate to sell, not leaving the hobby, still have other aquariums.
I will not deliver, but I will help you load it up

Call or Text Alan 702-378-1339 cell



Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

Attention!! Web site is for entertainment only, it is only intended to show prices and set ups of aquariums for sale. Check Craigslist city listed for tank info., if unable to find I would assume tank sold. Emails will not be answered in the form of "is this tank still for sale?" or "whats the contact info?"... will not be answered.

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Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

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