Fish Tank, Alien Movie Prop,Acrylic Cylinder/Tube, Music VideoFish Tank, Alien Movie Prop,Acrylic Cylinder/Tube, Music Video

Fish Tank, Alien Movie Prop,Acrylic Cylinder/Tube, Music VideoFish Tank, Alien Movie Prop,Acrylic Cylinder/Tube, Music Video

This tank makes a great fish tank…water sculpture…stage prop for swimming girls, horror movie body storage…or whatever you can come up with… it is pre plumbed with a filler and drain, lights from the under side through a plexi floor and it is also fitted with an air connection for bubbling air through the water.. These acrylic cylinders alone were almost $11,000 thats before the aluminum Jet fighter engine mounts / bases were fabricated (these bases can be seen in the film “Star Trek” the second to last, where McKoy Kirk and Spock are on the loading docks about to depart for the first time.) lights , welding, connections..manpower …etc.. I would estimate about $16,000+ dollars to build one of these.
When filled with water the surface rubs and scratches cannot be seen but if you have some spare time on your hands they can e rubbed out with 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and buffed with acrylic polish. For more in-depth pictures please write me.

The total height of the tank is 88 inches or 7.333 feet tall from the floor to the top of the tank lip and the cylinders are approx. 3/4 of an inch thick. and it is 24 inches wide.

The pictures show the tank full, lights on. and bubbles coming from the bottom via compressed air hose. The center picture show the plumbing and the third picture shows people in the shot to determine size… used for torture scene in film.

Thanks for looking
$5499 on e-bay


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