Complete 300 gallon aquarium setup – $2500 (Ladson SC)


Complete aquarium for sale


300 gallon acrylic aquarium with dual back-corner overflows

Dimensions: 96″ L x 24″ W x 30″ T

Stand and Canopy:

The stand and canopy were both built by me and are made of oak with pine framing. Overall height is 78-1/2″, overall length is 101-3/4″, and overall width is 27-3/8″ (though you’ll need to space it an inch or two off the wall.)

The canopy features four doors on the front and a full-length opening top for access from above. Detail moulding along the bottom and dentil crown moulding along the top give it a great bookshelf appearance.

The stand features four doors on the front and is open on the back. It has baseboard moulding along the bottom and 3-1/2″ trim moulding along the top.

Both stand and canopy are in unfinished wood. I intended on coating them with a clear coat, but never did. You can choose to leave it as-is, give it a clear coat, or stain it in any color of your choosing.


All plumbing is done with PVC.

12″x18″x36″ sump with mechanical media tray and Bio-Ball bin. (Includes lots of Bio-Balls) There is a crack along the back side of the sump (at the top) but I have sealed it and it has not leaked a drop since.

Sealife Systems protein skimmer. Not currently in use but will go with the aquarium.

Emperor 02025 25 Watt UV sterilizer


2 — Aquatop D2HT-450 450W digital submersible heater. These are both pretty new. (Less than a year old.)


Pondmaster PM12 1200GPH submersible magdrive pump (main pump for aquarium)

Rio 2100 692GPH submersible magdrive pump (used on UV sterilizer)

Pondmaster Model 3 350GPH submersible magdrive pump (used previously for protein skimmer. Currently being used as part of my water change setup.)


2 — Dual 48″ fluorescent light fixtures

Coralife Power Center programmable day/night power strip

Grounding probe (not sure of brand)

I’ll include my assortment of various types of fluorescent bulbs. These come in all different colors and temperatures. Use which ever combination you’d like to give the aquarium the color you want.

I’ll also include my water change setup which consists of a 42 gallon Rubbermaid tub, the Pondmaster Model 3 pump mentioned earlier, and two different garden hoses which have only ever been used for water changes.

I’m not willing to break this set apart. The stand and canopy were crafted specifically for this aquarium, so they all go together. This is a complete ready-to-go setup and can be used for either salt water or fresh water. Bring at least two friends to help move this out of the house and into your truck. I do not own a truck, so I can’t possibly deliver this aquarium. Pick-up only.

$2500 – ***No trades accepted***

(843) 608-8702


Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

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