365 Gallon 10 ft Mega Aquarium System, Credit Card or Cash – $1600 (Largo)

System Custom Built New in May 2012, Seven Months Old
Tampa Bay craigslist

Tank- 10 Foot 365 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium, Deep View 118″ long x 36″ wide x 20″ tall

Circulation- Reeflo Dart Pump

Filtration- 48″ x 24″ x 24″ Refugium/Sump, 3 Filter Socks, Coralife CFL Refugium Light

Skimmer- ASM G-4 Protein Skimmer

Lighting- ARO 440w Flourescent Lighting, 2x 400w Metal Halide Lighting Ballast and Reflectors

Plumbing- bulkheads, drains, returns, locklines

Stand- Super Sturdy Wood Stand with Double Reinforced 2x6s, 120x30x40″deep

Tank and Stand WILL fit through a 36″ wide door when turned 90 degrees.

Tank on Stand is 120″ Long, 40″ deep, and 51″ Tall

***Check Other Ad for Individual Prices****

The largest acrylic tank that you can order from Glass Cages is 300 gallon and costs $2200, not including drilled for reef, shipping, and all the extras. This one is 7 Months Old, and a complete setup, and well worth more than the asking price.

*Serious Inquiries Only* *Cash or Credit Card Accepted* *Local Pickup Only*


Author: trifisherjoe1

30 years aquarium keeping experience!

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