Custom 600 Gallon Aquarium – $1000 (Deliver)

This is a timber and fiberglass aquarium with two glass sides. Footprint of the tank is 4 feet deep by 8 feet long (49″x97″) and it is 32″ tall so that it will fit through a normal doorway if turned sideways. About 1 foot at one end of the tank is divided off for use as an in-tank filter so that no external filtration is needed. This divider could be removed if you want the extra space for fish however.

I built this custom piece several years ago and it has been set up with a lone occupant for nearly 3 years now. Unfortunately it takes up too much space for me and I’m trying to down size. The outside wood grain, and is finished with black stain and polyurethane so it would look nice in any room that was large enough for it to fit nicely. The photos are not of excellent quality as unfortunately it’s in my garage where the lighting is poor and it’s difficult to get great photos – you can get a rough idea though. I am happy to dig up more photos and/or answer specific questions – please contact me with questions.

I am located in Fort St John, BC, but I will be travelling to Edmonton on Dec 20 or 21, and I can bring this tank with me at that time if I find a buyer in Edmonton or Calgary. I am asking $1000 based on me bringing the tank to Edmonton. There is easily $1000 in materials in the tank, plus it will be a fairly significant pain for me to transport it. If buyer wants to work out some arrangements that make it easier to get out of my garage and into your hands, I am more than happy to come down on the price. I also have the sand, filter media and so on that I’m using with the tank. I just discovered that the 5 heaters I use to heat it have been recalled though so you may want to come up with your own temperature control scheme. Right now it is -1C in my garage and with 800watts of heaters in the tank it stays at 76F quite easily. If you keep this guy indoors it will require much less than that to heat.

One last thing – the tank currently has a 30-32″ Tiger Shovel Nosed catfish in there. I can either include him with the tank or relocate him to another one of my tanks, but I much prefer that he go with the tank. If you are prepared to care for an animal like this, he’s all yours – just don’t plan on keeping anything with him as his last meal was a full grown Oscar that I thought was too big for him to hurt.


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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

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