300 gallon complete reef aquarium – $3,500 (Memphis, Tn 38119)


condition: good 
delivery available 
make / manufacturer: Glass Cages 
size / dimensions: 96x24x30 
300 gallon glass aquarium from Glass Cages. 96x24x30 with dual overflows. Has 2 x Viparspectra 300watt LED lights, 75 gallon sump with refugium, return pump, external Skimz protein skimmer. 2 x Jebao SW-15 wave pumps. 30 gallon ATO reservoir with Tsunami ATO and pump. About 250 pounds of live rock. Lots of soft corals and fish. Also includes 100 gpd rodi system and 2 x 33 gallon Brute cans on wheels for RO and salt water. Saltwater mixing vat includes mixing pump and pump for easy water changes. Refractometer and various other items included.

Aquarium Aquaponics Fish Tank 300 Gallon – $2,300 (Georgetown, Tx)


condition: excellent 
Outdoor Custom Fish Tank – Aquarium – Aquaponic System with 2 grow beds. Tons of features 

–Fully insulated 300 gallon fiberglass tank with 1/2 thick tempered glass.
–Cedar Fully hinged tank covers, which can lock open.
–HDPE plastic grow beds can use soil or grow media of your choice.
–Slopped bottom with pump pickup slits which aids in picking up solids.
–All PVC pipe work is hidden from view and has to large storage areas under grow beds.
–Screw canister filter with coarse screen to prevent damage to impeller pump.
–Water fountain option.
–Super bright LED lighting white or full color with remote control.
–Independant flexible water lines to regulate water to plants that don’t need heavy watering.
–Two lower planters are NOT self watering.
–Electronic soil moisture sensor with adjustable set-points to turn water on and off.
–Industrial grade tank water heater for winter time.
–Electronic level sensor with low level alarm.
–Swirl filter with media and drain valve to use water on yard plants.
–Solenoids to turn flow on and off to grow beds.
–Photo cell to automatically turn on bug zapper at night – good source of fish food.
–Independent valves and unions to easily clean tank pick up tubes – if necessary.
–Temperature probe to sense water temperature and automatic controls to set water temperature.
–Click PLC to regulate moisture levels and control solenoids (free programming software online)
–Pull out drawer for fish food and nets.
–External spigot to water yard plants during a water change.
–Easy access 4″ diameter grow bed sump covers to clean and remove roots.

I’m moving and can’t take it with me. I’ve put a lot of love into this! It will be dearly missed! It’s built with only the finest materials and craftsmanship. It’s heavy so we will need several dudes to get it loaded. It can also be taken apart in several sections if necessary.
Price is pretty firm – but it will be best offer as I get closer to my move date.

reply by this email only!


Acrylic 400 gallon aquarium,tank – $4,850 (Toledo)


condition: like new 
make / manufacturer: Aquatic exotic 
size / dimensions: 8x4x2 
Acrylic aquarium 400 gal 1.5 years old. Saltwater and Still set up and running with 2 horn sharks unicorn tang ,sale fin tang,,2 clowns,panther grouper, cortez sting ray and more. Protein skimmer LED light DC pump & sump. Very nice aquarium. Price firm & dont wast my time if you are not ready to see it in person with cash or credit card. Yes I take credit cards I own my own business. Ask for shawn.

  • contact name:Shawn
  • (419) 699-2567

Aquarium – Three hundred gallon – $2,500 (Temecula, Az.)

Aquarium – Three hundred gallon – $2,500 (Temecula)


condition: like new 
Beautiful Visio Glass tank. This beauty comes with custom built in faux rock background. Tank only.

L96 x W30 x H24


No low ballers.

I am in Temecula…..look this up if your not sure where this is. No deliveries. Cash, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle.

** Frequently asked questions**

* Is it still available?

“YES” I delete the ad when sold.

* Where are you?


*Will you take less?

I am pretty firm on the price.

Please don’t waste my time. My time is valuable. Low Ballers and Scammers will be ignored.


Best to text me for fastest response.

9 five 1 seven 6 zero 6 one 5 five

No need to ask if it’s still available. If its up….. it’s available. I will delete this ad immediately upon sale.

Thank you.

Fish Gallery has some tanks in storage!! They got to go! Texas

8’x8′ cylinder, recently polished with stainless steel stand-$29,999.

12’x4’x4’biggest glass aquarium possible-$14,500.

5’x’5 cylinder with coral insert-$9,500.

60″x 90″ cylinder with stainless steel stand and canopy-$25,000.
Acrylic upside down pyramid 1000 gallon! With stand and sump-$13,000.

Perfect dream tank for the New Year!

All aquariums are currently in Texas!

Contact Daniel or Bashir at 713-523-3474 ext 1000 or email dwilson@thefishgallery.com

600 gallon Aquarium/Stand $15,000(Austin)

***Mermaids included!***

make / manufacturer: custom made 
size / dimensions: 8′ x 6′ x 3′ 
1,000 pound 100% Acrylic Aquarium tank with steel stand.
Tank measures 8′ x 6′ x 3′ stand is 8′ x 6′ x 30″.
Located in south Austin on the bottom level (no stairs) buyer is responsible for shipping costs and arrangements.

reply by email only:


Aquarium Racks for Sale$200each


condition: like new 
There are 5 separate racks built from pressure treated 2 X 8 lumber. You could park a car on these things. Each rack is 9.6 feet long and 31″ wide. Pictured on the racks are 8ft long aquariums. Please note that this listing is for racks only and no tanks. The price is for 1 rack. If you are interested in all 5 we can work out a bundle price. Pick up in Watkinsville GA.

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Boxer Jack Wolfe

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Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher