300 Gallon Aquarium 100 gallon sump and 125 Gallon Aquarium – $2100 (Pickerington, Ohio)

size / dimensions: 86″ x 30″ x 28″

300 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium with 100 gallon sump, protein skimmer, stand, plumbing and drift wood. I was going to set up a reef but thought about the work. My loss, your gain. Also my 125 gallon aquarium, stand, filters, lights and decoration.

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Saltwater Aquarium – $1800(Grand Rapids, MI)


360 gallon acrylic aquarium tank and equipment for sale. 8ft long x 3ft wide x 2ft tall made of 1/2″ acrylic. Dual overflows each with 3x 1″ holes for plumbing. Custom 90gal sump. Two Blueline 1270gph external pumps. Titanium heater with programmable controller. Grounding rod.

$1800 obo for tank, stand, and necessities to run the tank. (Everything listed above)

4x JBJ True Temp – 800 Watt Titanium Heater. All 4 are new and have not been used. They were kept as backups. $20 each, or all 4 for $60.

Tunze 9415 Protein Skimmer. Comes with manual. $300.

SpectraPure RODI 200UHE unit. Comes will all paperwork, tools, and lots of extra tubing. $700.

Inkbird Temperature Controller with 800 watt titanium heater with guard. Includes Inkbird instructions. $40

Saltwater Test Kits (used less than 5 times). $10 for both.

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350 Gallon aquarium acrylic drilled Reef Tank Setup – $1200 (Ruskin, FL)


I am moving, therefore I am selling my 350 gallon acrylic reef tank setup. This tank has dual over flows. Dimensions are 72x30x36; dual overflow drilled on the bottom.

**Price is for tank with stand only.

Fish included if you want them, or will sell separately

1) 1 Large black clown fish 40.00
2) 2 Medium Oscellaris Clown Fish 30.00 each
3) Medium zebra eel 75.00
5) six line wrasse
6) Sand sifting star fish 5.00 each
7) 1 Anthia

1) Rock full of green mushrooms 40.00

Live sand – about 150lbs (make offer)

Large Euro Reef Protein Skimmer – (New Sicce pump purchased a few months ago) 300.00

Large Sump – 79Lx21 3/4 deep x 18.5″ high 400.00

Lifeguard aquatics QL-40 UV light 75.00

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Aquarium 300 gallon – $1500 (Parrish, Fl)


300 gallon acrylic aquarium with stand, sump, pumps, 4 programmable led light strips, and a 1/3 hp chiller.

aquarium 400 gallon set up – $3500 (Middleburg, Fl)


Selling my 400 gallon salt water tank plus ice cap, sump, and octopus 5000 skimmer. large aqua pure filter. Tank is 6′ x 4′ x 2′(360 gallons?)…yes, there are scratches on tank, what happens with acrylic tank.  Stand was built in the house, so it has to be taken apart with screws.  3 Mars aqua lights and 6 foot custom led lights.   14 fish and 4 shrimp in all. These fish have been with each other for over 5 years, great fish for a large aquarium. 8 LARGE TANGS, 2 MAROON CLOWNS, 1 LAWN MORE BLENNY AND OVER 500 LBS OF LIVE ROCK WITH ALL KINDS OF CORAL! $3500.oo obo, if interested in fish and rock will sell them, and keep tank make an offer!

Grand Valley Zoological Quest/Children’s Nature Center Tanks!(Grand Junction, Colorado.)


Archer fish Aquarium with canopy; 500 gallons $5K


Up right salt or fresh water with faux rock 535 gallon 95″ H x 56″W x 99″ L; $10K

fresh salt 535 gallons.jpg

Stingray open tank 1000 gallons; 52.5″H x 63″W x 11’10” L; $10K

saltwater 1000 gallon.jpg

Touch tank on wheels 100 gallons; 36.5″H x 32″W x 59.5″ L ;$5K

touch tank.jpg

Two salt water or fresh water habitats $2K each

fresh salt 150 gallons.jpg

I will need to get someone to measure the Archer fish and the two horizontal.

They are located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Janet Gardner

Executive Director

Grand Valley Zoological Quest/Children’s Nature Center
501 C 3 Nonprofit


Professional Member Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA)
AZA Committee Member Research & Technology
Visit Us At: www.childrensnaturecenter.org

Nature at its most Exotic!

Stunning 1,200 gallon acrylic aquarium and water container – $25000 (Miami)

Stunning 1,200 gallon bow/bar acrylic aquarium showpiece with no leaks, motors, sump, chiller, artificial reef, etc. similar to aquariums built by Tanked. Overall height from floor to top of canopy 9′ 3-1/2″
Bow tank Length 7’3″
Bow tank width 3’2″
Bar tank length 8’1″
Bar width 3’9″
Bar height 3’2″.
Also, 800 gallon water container used only for mixing salt water $799.00.
Other miscellaneous aquarium supplies such as new led lights, large roll of floss and buckets of salt.