Shark pond aquarium – $800 (Grand haven,Mi)

I have a 300 gallon shark pond for sale, has a over flow sump and a separate protein skimmer sump. Will include sand a 3 foot bamboo shark, a California horn shark, 2 heaters, 2 return pumps and sand $800 or will sell just the sharks for $500.
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  • (616) 307-9248

300 gallon peninsula fish tank – $2000 (Mansfield, MA)



condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Acrylic and glass exhibits

The tank dimensions are 72 long x 32 wide x 30 high. The bottom of the tank PVC. The glass is low iron star fire glass on three sides. Wave boxes and over flow are off the back of tank in an external overflow. The top euro-brace is acrylic. Silicone is good on all seals on the tank. The tank is on a white steel frame enclosed with cherry veneer mill work. Total height stands at 6’.

Tank includes, steel stand, cherry veneer mill.

No contact info included, craigslist to email, here is link…

New Acrylic Aquarium – $12500 (Ellenton, Ma)

condition: new
delivery available
make / manufacturer: Suncoast
size / dimensions: 140″x42″x38″

950 gallon new aquarium 140″Long x 42″Wide x 38″ High, center return and overflow (4 x 1.5″ and 2 x 1″ holes). material 1.5″ and 1″ acrylic. Delivery at additional cost is available.

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Complete Aquarium Store Equipment – $125,000 (Montville, Albany, NY)

 Commercial freezers for any pet store!!!
Commercial fridge for any pet store!!!

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Delivery available 


300 gallon saltwater aquarium – $7000 (Lenexa, Kansas City)


size / dimensions: 72×31.5×30

Let me start by saying. I am VERY sad I have to get rid of this AMAZING system.
There is well over 15k wrapped up in the entire setup.
The system is about 5 years old.

I’m asking $7000. But, make me a REASONABLE offer and I will entertain it. I am moving out of the state, that is the reason for selling.

-300 g – glass tank
72″ long
31.5″ deep
30″ tall
-Full stand and canopy (black)
– 75g sump
– skimmer
– return pump
– plumbing
– full LED lighting (6 lights)
– 40g frag tank w/ matching stand & LED light
This is plumbed into the main system as well. Also FULL of coral.
– THOUSANDS of dollars worth of coral. I cant even begin to list it all

Now, we get to the amazing list of fish included in this package.
– Mated pair of LONGFIN clown fish.
– pair of bengali cardinals
– Sailfin
– tamini tang
– yellow tang
– purple tank
– marine beta
– 2 Wrasse
– Filefish
– yellow spot goby
– Mandarin Goby
– longnose hawk fish
– pair of purple damsel
Honestly, there are more than likely some fish I forgot

I also have TONS of chemicals and test kits and reef controllers and heaters and pumps and all sorts of other stuff I will throw in as well.

This tear down process will go ALOT faster if you bring 3 people, and you are going to need a 12-15′ trailer.
I have 3-4 55g barrels for you to transfer all the live rock, fish, coral and at least 200g of the current water. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.
I have myself and 1 other here to help. It takes 5-6 ppl to lift and move this tank.
EMAIL ME – I get too many scams on my cell phone and will just verify that you are real, and give you my cell #.