Only one in a life time will you find a custom aquarium like this. Top and entire base on 3 sides looks like rock with plantings. It is killing me to sell it but we are moving to another state and cannot take it with us.

Hundreds of pounds of rock, petrified rock, incredible iron wood pieces in it, 4 or 5 wave makers to make the plants move and make sure the aquarium is being filtered, two fluval FX5’s, the best heater possible and great lights. It also has some moon lights on it. All systems have separate switches hidden in the center – front. I also have fire flees in the plants around it but do not know how easy it will be to move the light wires.

When it is time to clean a filter two bolts hold the front on, just lift it out and away. Great storage under it as well for misc. items.

How big is it? 8 foot long, 2 foot wide plus maybe 8 inches for the rocks, and over 4 foot tall.

The tank has absolutely no scratches, it has not been drilled through the bottom. It will take 2 – 4 strong guys to move the tank, I have a cart to get it to your truck. It will take a full day, maybe two to get the rock out, the fish out, and the rest of the items. Base is more than strong. It could hold tons of weight. It is over built, no problems here at all.

In the location I have it, it has never had an algae problem, and I have never had to clean the plex. There are absolutely no stress areas on the glued areas. I had it custom built and done with oversized plex. I wanted absolutely no problems.

The pictures cannot do it justice. My wife may be able to send a 25 second film of it off of her phone if we can figure out.

Send your phone number if interested, I have thousands of dollars in it and it has never had a problem. I just do not over crowd my tanks although the cichlids are populating but they seem to eat the smaller ones so it is still at a level to be appreciated.

Thanks for looking, must sell in the next 4 months. Terry



540 Gallon acrylic aquarium with custom built in Coral Reef. 6’Lx3’Wx4’H Made by A.T.M. (From the show on Animal Planet “TANKED”) This tank is $25,000 brand new! Two Corner Over flows, 105 gallon acrylic sump: 46″L x 26.5″W x 20″H, pretty much wide open to customize sump or make refugium for nitrate removal. ASM G4 Protein Skimmer. HUGE titanium heater 18″L x 2.5-3″W. Should easily heat 1,000-1,500 gallons. The digital controller to the heater is not working but can be purchased online for $55. 5,000 GPH return pump to 6 return lines. New 2″ thick steel stand built 5 months ago. All plumbing is new and have unions so easy disassembly and assembly ready for new home just add fish!! This is one BAD ASS tank, all kinds of different huge coral colonies, colors and cave/passages for fish to swim/hide in. Built in coral from front to back, top to bottom. Viewable from front pane only, made to be in-wall aquarium 1.5″ thick acrylic.


I can give you tons of bio balls as well if you want them
LED light not included
No live stock in aquarium at the moment
I’m not desperate to sell, not leaving the hobby, still have other aquariums.
I will not deliver, but I will help you load it up

Call or Text Alan 702-378-1339 cell


Crackhead aquarium sellers – $4000 (Detroit)

Aquarium sellers, are you on crack? I’ve seen many of you posting your raggedy aquariums that are several years old as if they are brand new! Seriously? Ive seen one of you post a 10 gallon aquarium with a crappy wood stand for $225. $225! 3 days ago another posted a 72 gallon bowfront aquarium for $500 dollars. I believe this person may have brain cancer however because I dont believe someone that didnt have a disease eating a hole through their head would seriously list it for that price. Did you know you can buy a brand new 150 gallon with a nice wooden stand at Petsmart for $600? Do you idiots seriously think that your aquariums are worth the same amount of money as you first bought them? Some of you seem to think they increase in value. They don’t.

For you buyers, please dont get duped by one of these dummys. Aquariums that are several years old should not be hundreds of dollars. This is craigslist. I’ve seen cheaper at petco and petsmart. If you see someone with an old aquarium asking an exorbitant price, please tell them to get bent!

(Funny add I came across in Detroit!!…trifisher, enjoy!)