Crackhead aquarium sellers – $4000 (Detroit)

Aquarium sellers, are you on crack? I’ve seen many of you posting your raggedy aquariums that are several years old as if they are brand new! Seriously? Ive seen one of you post a 10 gallon aquarium with a crappy wood stand for $225. $225! 3 days ago another posted a 72 gallon bowfront aquarium for $500 dollars. I believe this person may have brain cancer however because I dont believe someone that didnt have a disease eating a hole through their head would seriously list it for that price. Did you know you can buy a brand new 150 gallon with a nice wooden stand at Petsmart for $600? Do you idiots seriously think that your aquariums are worth the same amount of money as you first bought them? Some of you seem to think they increase in value. They don’t.

For you buyers, please dont get duped by one of these dummys. Aquariums that are several years old should not be hundreds of dollars. This is craigslist. I’ve seen cheaper at petco and petsmart. If you see someone with an old aquarium asking an exorbitant price, please tell them to get bent!

(Funny add I came across in Detroit!!…trifisher, enjoy!)