Aquarium (huge salt water) – $1500 (Bastrop, Tx)

Aquarium (huge salt water) - $1500 (Bastrop, Tx)

I am selling my huge salt water aquarium in Bastrop, Tx. it has a wooden stand which has doors for keeping all the cleaning, feeding, tubes, etc. under the aquarium. The actual glass piece is very long and heavy so you would need to bring someone or more than one someone with you to load it into either a trailer or something. You’ll need a dolly to maneuver it as well. It is a high dollar piece and comes with the tubes, filters, lights, buckets, etc… There are also included really expensive show rocks for the piece. I will add photos shortly.
Unlisted size, unknown gallons

330 Gallon – Reef Ready Used Aquarium and Stand – $1500 (6500 N Lamar, Texas)

330 Gallon - Reef Ready Used Aquarium and Stand - $1500 (6500 N Lamar, Texas)

Fish Gallery is offering this Reef Ready Used Aquarium and Stand (60″ x 36″ x 36″). The Stand’s Deck Height is 44″ — Total Height with Canopy is 85″ — We are asking $1500 + Tax.

** We also have an end overflow reef ready Tank 57′ x 30″ x 30″ with 42″ Support stand — $875 Aquarium and support stand.

Come check out Austin’s newest fish store. Located at 6500 n Lamar, next to Threadgill’s. We always have deals going. Other used Tanks available. You can back right up to the tank. Bring a friend, and we will help you load it! Just stop by!

Fish Gallery (512) 381-0158

350 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium For Sale – $1800 (Grassy Creek, Virginia)

350 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium For Sale - $1800 (Grassy Creek, Virginia)

I have for sale a 350 (96″Longx36″Widex24″Tall) acrylic aquarium/fish tank. It is made of 3/4″acrylic on sides and 1/2″ top and bottom. There is a few minor scratches, but nothing major and can be easily buffed out. It comes with the following:

350 Gallon Aquarium
Stand made of 2″x6″‘s and 2″x4″‘s
2 x 300 watt Marineland heaters
2 x Koralia wavemakers
Design by nature 3d background
CFS 14i Odyssea Canister Filter
3 x 30 watt spot lights with remote

I can be reached by email or text/phone at three366491796. More pictures and video can be provided. Please serious inquiries only and price is very firm because it’s already at my bottom i’ll take for this setup. (copy/paste to see video of it)

2000 gallon Shark Aquarium System – $20000 (portland )

2000 gallon Shark Aquarium System - $20000 (portland )

Serious inqueries only pleaseThis is an acrylic aquarium that measures 10′ x 6′ x 4′ tall x 2” thick. It has a custom steel subframe.
It comes with a 7′ self cleaning RK2 commercial protein skimmer, 6′ fluidized bed filter, 250 gal sump w/ 50 gal biotower, 2HP chiller, 5 lg pumps moving 18,000 gph, 1 synthetic coral Tower overflow, several sytnthetic coral reef inserts, woodwork comes with but should be refinished. This system was $103,000 origionally. The tank alone costs $38,000 wholesale.
Crating and shipping extra.

Huge Aquarium, 4ftTall tank, 400gl, It’s a beautiful tank – $1300 (maricopa az)

Huge Aquarium, 4ftTall tank, 400gl, It's a beautifu - $1300 (maricopa az)









Huge Aquarium for
Sale ONLY $1,300
go lower, cash
It’s a
beautiful tank.

tank is 4ft
deep, the
cabinet + the tank + the canopy is almost 8″ tall.

Beautiful cabinet.

48″ Tall tank, 400gl is a very large aquarium.
show calculations 387

Made of 1” thick

The tank has one critical issue which needs
repair, has one long fracture on one corner. (Can be reinforce by a 1”
acrylic Square
Rod in the corner) or can be used as a

Aquarium Includes:
– Sump with biospheres (see picture)
– Titanium Chiller U.M.I. (Universal Marine Industries) 1/3hp. Model
#AQ-E4-NP. (it
retails for approx. $950)
– Cabinet and hood

things to consider:

will not fit in a truck, you need to
bring a trailer to pick up. (I won’t

tank will is
approximate 48” wide, so plan on how you will bring this in to a house.
(Need a
double door or through a big window)
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aquarium is
extremely heavy, to pick
up you need to come with 6 strong guys and everyone has
to use 2 suction cups to be able to lift the tank.
(suction cups can be buy online
at “harbor freight”)

300g Glass Reef Ready Aquarium – $1500 (Loma Linda,Ca)

300g Glass Reef Ready Aquarium - $1500 (Loma Linda,Ca)

300g glass aquarium (96″L X 30″W X 24″T) with all accessories included. Tank is “peninsula style” meaning that the overflow box is at one end of the tank. Comes with the stand, canopy, 100g sump, return pump, powerheads, sand, driftwood, 8 Discus fish, 60″ ATI light fixture (6 bulbs) all plumbing, two canister filters (Rena XP and AquaTop 500 with built in UV light) and a RO/DI unit. I have pics to send to anyone who is seriously interested. I am not parting the tank out or the fish for any reason so please do no ask. Tank needs to be sold in one piece all at once, search Calf. craigslist for contact.

450 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium – $4000

450 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium - $4000

I have for sale a beautiful custom built 450 gallon acrylic aquarium. It is 8 feet long 3 feet wide and 30 inches tall. One inch thick acrylic all the way around the tank. Dual overflow in the back. This tank is an absolute beauty! No scratches and has been very well maintained. There is some coraline algae, but nothing that cannot be cleaned off. The tank by itself is $3000. I also have everything that you need to run the tank as well such as 3 1/3 hp pumps, 3 large sumps. Two 50 Gallon sumps and one 40 gallon sump, all are acrylic. Bio balls, 4 Hamilton 250 W metal hallade lights. 2 G-4 Skimmers and the skimmer pumps. Also almost new 1 hp Artica JBJ chiller with an electronic controller. I have tons of other equipment i can throw in as well. Tank with everything is only $4000. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email through Calf. craigslist

300 Gallon Complete Reef Salt Water Tank! – $6800 (Claremont,CA)

300 Gallon Complete Reef Salt Water Tank! - $6800 (Claremont,CA)00909_4qp31vGL3Sq_600x450

This has been my masterpeice for the past 4 years. Custom made COMPLETE REEF system with all the best equipment;

– 300gal Starfire glass front glass 8x2x3
– Custom maple painted stained stand and canopy
– 100gal acrylic sump w/ 3 compartments
– Aqua UV Sterilizer
– Kalk Reactor
– Warner Marine Protein Skimmer
– 300gal coil heater system
– Custom 3-5watt CREE dimable LED lighting system. ($4k spent on 6 custom made units)
– 2 T5 units
– Tunze circulation System (complete w/ 4 power heads and controller)
– 2 MOcean 200 returns
– Media reactor
– 2 Little Giant Pumps
– German Auto Shut Off Valves
– Carbon Reactor
– Octo Dual Cal Reactor Complete system (needs new pump)
– Auto top off system
– 100gal salt water mixing station
– r/o unit

– Acro Show Colonies!
– Bonsai Show Colony
– Cap Show Colony
– Pokemon Colony
– Huge Green Star Stool
– 2 HUGE Corcea & Maxima Clams
– War
– Bright Green Fuzzy Mushroom Colonies
– Bright Red & Green Blasto Colonies (10+ each
– Electric Orange, green and red Zoe colonies
– 2 Rose Anemones (splits every 6 months)
– Aussie Orange Hammer (2 years and growing!)
– Clove polyps w/ neon orange and gree
– Carpet electric green star polyps

– 6 med-lg Yellow Tangs
– 1 Huge Red Sea Purple Tang
– 1 Huge Show Male Blonde Naso w/ Streamers
– African Midas
– Red Anthia
– Orange Anthia
– Six Line
– 1 Chevron Tang
– 1 Stigmata Blenny!!!
– Harlequin Shrimp
– Electric Orange Hermits
– 2 Urchins
– 2 True Black Perc Mated Pair (Laid every 2 weeks for last 2 months!)
– Blue Damsels

I have spent over $7k on just the livestock alone. And not even including the chems and man hours I put into setting this up and taking care of it the price of just the system alone was $18k+.

Price if paid in full includes moving the aquarium within a 20 mile radius (but I will not be held liable of livestock survival guarantee, but tank is 100% pristine and perfect so most livestock should be fine)




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