300 gallon full setup aquarium – $3500 (4403390600)

Full setup. It has fish in it now so u can see everything working. Asking $3500. Or streetbike. What do u have. 4403390600 Ohio, Cleveland


300g RR Saltwater aquarium – $3250 (Oak Point)

300g package
on a steel stand thats longer than the actual tank
tanks is 96x30tx24
stand is 119″ total length 97″ total height (can be lowered to fit inside 8′ if crown moldings dropped an inch)
steel frame with faux stand that slides over it.
comes with 2-300lbs sand
300+lbs of liverock
back wall done with foam and live rock (been running about 3-4 years now)
3x250MH SE 12k reeflux bulbs with large large lumenarc reflectors (older IC ballasts)
Iwaki 55rlt return pump
Two sumps:
One a 75 gallon tank partitioned, the other is a trigger systems sump (pic tured)
ATB econo 1050A skimmer
Small pc bulb over fuge
Original style vortec pump
1/2″ sea swirl on one side of return, SCWD on other side
All plumbing has unions so it can be reused. Also have manifolds for easier water changes etc etc.


300 gallon Aquarium w/ oak stand shark stingray halide SHOWROOM tank – $3000 (Frisco)

This is an 8′ wide by 30″ deep by 24″ tall aquarium with half inch thick glass on a stained oak stand. The glass is in PERFECT shape. Call Dallas North Aquarium and ask them for a quote on this tank w/ and oak stand and they’ll tell you its going to run about $5,000 (just for tank and stand). This is a COMPLETE set up with twin eheim 2075 filtration units ($300 each), two hang on back reef octopus skimmers (about $200 each), a 3x 150w 6′ metal halide system with fresh bulbs (about $1100)about 250lbs of carribean fine sand (about $200 worth), roughly 150lbs of premium, matured, live rock ($1000+ worth), a $200 rock backdrop, assorted corals and anemones, a LARGE regal tang (about $100 easily), a large true perch clown (mated to anemones) worth about $50, a healthy cortez sting ray ($80) and a 3 foot banded cat shark that has a GREAT personality (about $300). Also including all the basic stuff to go along with it (nets, cleaning brush, testing supplies, magnet cleaners, food clips, etc). Also including a 75 GPD RODI system to make your own water.

Total spent on this set up… EASILY $7,000

This would be great for a business, or a real showpiece for a home.

MOVING this is going to be a bitch. I will help with the process of draining, storing water, rounding up fish, boxing up live rock etc… BUT you will need to hire a moving truck and 4 BIG guys to move the empty glass. The glass alone weighs near 1,000lbs EMPTY.

Maintaining the tank, however, is pretty simple and requires little work.

300 Gallon Custom Fish Tank/Aquarium – $700 (Haltom City)

We have a 300 gallon tank complete setup that we would like to sell. My boyfriend and I bought it last year, but have not had the money or time to get it set up to it’s full potential, and now we are thinking of moving so we are wanting to sell the tank to someone who will be able to enjoy it. It’s a really awesome tank, and would be great for someone with cichlids or other large fish.

The tank is a custom built DAS in wall room divider style, but it works great as a freestanding aquarium. The stand is black wood with 3 functional doors and it is 35″ tall. The tank is 48″ tall x 23.5″ wide x 53″ long. We have a 50 gallon sump in the cabinet underneath, large return pump for sump, glass lids, a 4 foot Trinity 4 bulb day/night light with LEDs, 2 Eheim Jager heaters, a Tetra deep water air pump, natural river rock large gravel, and 3 huge plants that were purchased for this tank.

We are asking $1500 OBO for the complete setup, but would be willing to sell just the tank and stand for $700 if you are not interested in the accessories.

Gorgeous 300 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium/Fish Tank – $3500 (Sarasota,Bradenton,Tampa)

Very mature 300 gallon acrylic salt water tank with beautiful established huge corals and fish. Tank & Stand alone would retail for more than the $3,500 asking price. This is a must see for the true hobbyist. Too much to mention here but please see the information on the flyer and contact me if you have a genuine interest. This will require professionals to break down and relocate but will make a stunning attraction to any Home or place of Business. I do want the entire tank and its inhabitants to go to one home. I will not consider breaking it up and selling off in pieces….Fantastic Price for a Beautiful Saltwater Aquarium! Do Not Miss Out on This. Call Steve @ 941-387-4447 Florida