360 Gallon Aquarium Acrylic sell or TRADE for 600 gallon tank – $4000 (60645)

I have a less than 2 year old 360 gallon tank in excellent condition and fully equipped that I’d like to sell
OR TRADE on a 600 gallon acrylic tank… tank I WANT must be 96 x 48 x 24

as for my tank setup..I will sell in a ” build to suit ” fashion…. buy the TANK & STAND and you’ll have the option of buying the rest of the items as you wish

set up includes my acrylic tank 96 x 30 x 30
CUSTOM stand with Milano Blaze laminate panels
sump wet/dry set up complete with 2 mag 12 pumps
2 Marineland c-530 canister filters
Coralife 36 watt UV sterilizer & mag 7 pump set up
500 watt heater

Tank is up and running DISCUS ARE NOT INCLUDED

$ 4,000 for the complete set-up… I can arrange delivery for a FEE

call or text me Bruce 773-491-4191



400 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium Setup – $1700 (Woodbridge)

$1700 Package Deal Includes tank, stand, canopy:

96″ x 30.5″ x 30.5″ Glass Oceanic Reef Tank (2 large black overflows / one in each rear corner), Wood Stand, Wood Canopy.


300 gallon saltwater aquarium – $3000 (North Hollywood)

Have a really nice saltwater glass aquarium worth well over $4000 ill even throw in over $500 of live coral and fish. Interested in a small car running or a mini van ( toyota, ford, honda etc…) and in decent condition also interested in a macbook pro 17″ , ipad 2 or 3, 50-60″ lcd tv, four wheeler, or let me know what you have. If interested email me for more information and pictures. I will also consider a $1500 value trade but I will not include saltwater equipment,fish,coral or service.

Will clean up and set it up over the week end these pictures are really bad will post new ones soon.

Here are some pics we just took since we took it out of storage. I will set up correctly but here are some pics and specs in the meantime.
Its a 300g glass tank its about 48″ by 24″ by 36″ tall don’t have a tape measure but will get one if needed specific measurements it has a corner over flow it comes with glass sump, skimmer, calcium reactors, phosphate reactor, Ro top off, 200lbs of premium tonga live rock, live sand, retrofit t5 light, wood stand and other accessories will get detail Brands I also will include service and maintenance when tank is set up I can service the tank do testing, scrubbing etc…. And water changes . ( tank has no chiller and canopy also you will need hose and bulk heads)


1900 gallon fish tank from dealer – $21000 (sierra vista)

1900 gallon 180” x 72” x 34” tall …. SEAMLESS 15′ panels, no distortion.

aquarium is 4 sided viewing with pre-filters

1 3/4 inch thick acrylic all around. call Rich at 800-229-8265(TANK).

I can send picture on cell phone if request. thanks
The 21,000.00 is for a new tank, delivered curbside , anywhere in California or Arizona

We can provide full set up, free quotes.

also new,,,2200 gallon double bull nose shaped 144 x 72 x 54” tall $26,900.00 delivered

Please e-mail bigfishtank7727 ” at ” gmail.com for other sizes and our used tank trade in list.
Scott Yucht


1000 Gallon Aquarium – $15000 (Indianapolis)

1000 G Bowfront – This unit was over $55,000 new – It has been removed and broken down and is sitting in my warehouse waiting for you to pick up.

You can buy for $15000- Or Lets trade – Send me something to trade for – cars, trucks, land, house or gold – I am open to just about anything.

Dimensions of tank and stand are below as well as a description of everything included:
– (1) ATM manufactured Acrylic 1000 Gallon bowfront Tank, dimensions of tank are 13 ft wide, 4 ft depth front to back at the sides, 5.5 ft depth front to back in the center of the bow of tank and tank is 2 ft deep, comes with covers for the 4 openings on top of tank. The front of tank does have scratches on the inside from cleaning it over time.
– (1) custom made stand made just for this tank out of 3 inch tube steel and then powder coated to prevent corrosion from saltwater, same dimensions as tank, stand is 40 inches tall
– the top and bottom woodwork is available to use for your application as the sides had to be taken apart to remove tank.
– (4) Reeflo Hammerhead Gold pumps, I just bought two of them 2 months ago and swapped out the other two as they need to be rebuilt as seals were leaking, so each of these pumps are $500 new, one pump runs the open loop system, and the other pump runs a closed loop system
– (1) 200 Watt UV sterilizer, needs new bulbs though but everything is working
– (2) Aquatic imports chillers, I broke one of the inlet PVC pipes on one of them.
– (1) ETS skimmer rated for 1200 gallons with a blueline 100 pump feeding water to this skimmer, this thing works awesome and has been hassle free since its been running
– (1) 180 gallon acrylic wet/dry bioball sump that is tied into the open loops system of 3 trapezoid overflows built into the tank making it reef ready, bulkherad drains are 2 inch, return lines/bulkheads are 1 inch, total of 3 drain lines to the wet/dry filter and two 1 inch return lines dedicated to the open loop system. the wet/dry is also equipped with an auto top off float that keeps the water level consistent all the time.
– (1) 135 gallon refugium under the tank that use to hold all of the live rock

– I estimate there to be about 200# of aragonite for the bottom material instead of sand, which is so much easier when using siphon and doing water changes. This has been put into 5 gallon buckets already for easy transport.
– (1) 100 gallon poly tank that I always have 100 gallons of premixed saltwater made up for quick water changes which is all plumbed into the wet/dry system so I drain 100 gallons through the python siphon down the drain and then pump the 100 gallons of fresh saltwater right into the system, no buckets, no mess.
– (4) Living Color artificial reef decorations, these were very expensive and have all the plug in reef insert pieces,
– (3) 250 MW Halide stadium lights for providing the lighting needed across this big wide area. (one bulb is blown, so only two lights working. All lighting is on a direct wired timer so everything with this tank is all automated in regards to lighting, timers are included in the package.
– (1) 75 GPD & also a (1) 150 GPD reverse osmosis system for top off and water change water.
This is as repost…but I had to do it! The best!

300g RR Saltwater aquarium – $3250 (Oak Point)

300g package
on a steel stand thats longer than the actual tank
tanks is 96x30tx24
stand is 119″ total length 97″ total height (can be lowered to fit inside 8′ if crown moldings dropped an inch)
steel frame with faux stand that slides over it.
comes with 2-300lbs sand
300+lbs of liverock
back wall done with foam and live rock (been running about 3-4 years now)
3x250MH SE 12k reeflux bulbs with large large lumenarc reflectors (older IC ballasts)
Iwaki 55rlt return pump
Two sumps:
One a 75 gallon tank partitioned, the other is a trigger systems sump (pic tured)
ATB econo 1050A skimmer
Small pc bulb over fuge
Original style vortec pump
1/2″ sea swirl on one side of return, SCWD on other side
All plumbing has unions so it can be reused. Also have manifolds for easier water changes etc etc.