300 gallon saltwater tank setup – $3000 Cincinnati, Ohio

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size / dimensions: 4’x4’x30″

$3000 for full setup, will need to be able to pick up (will need 4-5 guys to move) Prices listed for individual items, obviously livestock needs to go first before anything else can be taken down
300 Gallon cube (4’X4’X30″) 3/4″ Starphire tank, stand (2 available can have one or both, one is finished that came with the tank, but didnt fit so i built one that hasnt been finished yet) floating canopy, light rack stands and drain plumbing . Is predrilled (currently plugged ) for closed loop. $1500Kessil A360WE $600 pair (2 months of 8hr a day use) ($650 with apx vdm)

Neptune Apex VDM w/ kessil control cable $80

ocean revive T247 no remote $100

40 breeder sump w/removable baffles $30

40 Breeder Refugium (3/4″ bulkhead to sump) w/ 36″ t5 strip light $50

3/4″ Sea Swirls $250 pair

Jebao RW-15 $50

Mag24 2400gph $100

Tunze 3155 ATO $175

SWC 300 Skimmer $200

tigershark magnet $70

Apex JR (no display Energy bar 8 and temp probe $150


Have $90 in credit at blue zoo aquatics i will order you any item up to $90 shipped with purchase whole setup purchase,

Zoas Blue/white with red skirt (about 30 polyps) $25

250ish lbs of live rock $250 for all

10-15 pieces of dry rock (maybe 100lbs) $50


300 Gal. Acrylic Fish Tank Accessories – $1000 (Macomb,Mi.)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: custom
size / dimensions: 2’ft 6″in x 2’ft 6″in x 8ft long

300 Gal. Acrylic Fish Tank with Sump Tank, Protein Skimmer, Lighting & Base Rock.

Tank was used as a saltwater tank with live rock. Following accessories are included as package.

(2) IceCap 660 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast, with Bulb end caps and hanger
A Model 660 can operate up to 16 lamp feet with a total of 464 rated lamp watts.
Individual lamps can be 2 through 6 feet each. This corresponds to 12 different lamp configurations. Maximum light output with VHO and HO lamps.

(2) 400watt Spartan Fixture Metal Halide Ballast, with vertical wall mounts.

(1) Protein Skimmer
AETech E.T.S.S. (Environmental Tower Supper Skimmer)

Approximately 150lbs Base Rock

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