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500 gallon acrylic aquarium 12’x2.5’x2.5′ (144″x30″x30″) Stand and Canopy
NO Lights or Filtration Equipment included
Delivery available for extra fee

Roughly 315 gallon aquarium plus a canopy I received with it when I bought it. The canopy I stripped down to the frame and is good to go as-is for utility purposes, or if you want to spruce it up and add your own moulding and doors, it’s very sturdy and ready for that application as well.

The dimensions on the tank itself are:

7 feet (84″) long
3 feet (36″) wide
2 feet (24″) tall

This tank is SOLID. The whole construction is 3/4 inch glass, and the entire bottom is 2 inches of solid glass sandwiched between two sheets of some sort of very hard plastic sheeting. It has been holding water up to the rim out on my porch for three months straight without any issues. There are a few scratches, but most cannot be seem when the tank is filled with water. The rest can be removed with a glass repair kit.

There are holes drilled in the bottom for an overflow that has been taken out, and I just sealed it up with three panes of glass. They are all glued down with silicone but with some elbow grease you could remove them and use the overflow holes again if you wished.

A tank this size alone would retail for $2,500+ IF you could even find one this shape. This would make a fantastic koi pond, stock tank, turtle setup, or dry terrarium for a suitable reptile species.

***You will need at least SIX strong, able-bodied guys to come and help move this tank. It weighs just shy of 1,200 lbs DRY. I will help move to your truck but I need cash in hand before you touch it and I am not responsible if you break/damage it while moving it.***

$700, no delivery available. Not interested in trades.

Hello! I am selling a HUGE aquarium. Had it set up as salt water and freshwater in the past.
It has two drilled overflow boxes and a custom built stand.
It is VERY heavy and will need 4 strong men to move.
Comes with a very crazy sturdy custom built stand, custom canopy, and all plumbing.
Also comes with gravel and driftwood for decor!

It is HUGE 6ftx3ftx2ft

I have nice brand new rollers to help you move it.

$1,800 obo worth over $3,000!

Call/text 559 708 8883 Brock

acrylic fish tank 8 x 3 x 2 $2650 delivered to your door… mint condition, blue back
text Rich 6145174909

can deliver 50 miles from Sylvania for $35 extra

You know how you have always wanted a really big fish tank. The kind were you can sit back relax and watch your little friends swim around and have fun. I know i sure did. So much so i bought the biggest one i could convince my friends to help me move. Unfortunately the wife said we need to redo the basement sans one very large aquarium. Hopefully you are not as woop… i mean infatuated with your significant other as i am. If so you will enjoy everything i have here.

300 gallon acrylic Tenecor tank. 96″x24″x30″ high with black canopy.
Very heavy duty steel stand made of 2″x2″ square tube.
Proclear sump filter with overflow and protein skimmer. Powered by a heavy duty mag drive pump.
2 eheim pro 2 canister filters. Assortment of power heads.
General water reverse osmosis system.
Cleaning siphon and magnetic tank scrubber.
Lots of decorative rock

All items in very good condition other then the broken off corner of the canopy. Has only been used as a fresh water setup.

Additional 50 gallon tank and all of its goodies included if you so desire.

Depending how much my wife has nagged on any particular day i may be in desperate need of leaving the house and able to help arrange delivery.

Moving and she can’t come with us.

Large custom made 550 gallon aquarium setup for saltwater ( would make a great freshwater or minnow tank for pond owners ) with off-center large central overflow. This aquarium has held water for 2 years until it was placed on the temporary stand just for the ability to move it around within the garage. Temp stand is for moving purposes only and would have to be beefed up for permanent location. Minor surface scratches from removing live rock, I have the polishing compound to remove them and will include if sold.

Aquarium and temporary mobile stand only. Metal Halides shown are not included.

I can fill the aquarium for serious buyers only and only once they arrive for inspection, the temporary stand is not built strong enough to hold the water for a prolonged period of time. Although I am confident it will hold water sold as is. Will require 4-6 people to move/load.


2300 gallon 192” x 34” x 60” tall …. SEAMLESS 16′ panels, no distortion. professionally installed

aquarium is 4 sided viewing with pre-filters 4 sided inside of aquarium.

2 1/2 inch thick acrylic all around. call Rich at 800-969-1182

7′ – 305 gallon 6 degree Bow Front Reef Ready Tank with Red cherry wood stained stand and canopy for sale. Call show contact info

The Stand is 4′ Feet or 48″ inches tall
Canopy is is 14″ inches tall
Tank, Satnd and Canopy combined is 7′ 4″or 88″ inches Tall
Minimum of 9′ Feet is Required to open canopy
Worth $20,000. Priced for quick sale

I have a 350 gallon reef aquarium with all u need
3 160 watt lights blue white dimable
2 uv sterilizer rated for 200 gallons each
1 protein skimmer for 300 gallons
Sump rated for 400 gallons with bioballs and pump
Air maker for protein skimmer
2 wave makers for circulation
Light timers
All extension cords and surge protectors
1 heater all that needed in Miami
1 digital temp reader
300 lb live rock
80lb live sand
Stand an canopy
And fish take all for 3000 0bo give me a call

330 gallon all glass aquarium
125 gallon refugium tank
Custom cabinetry set (Espresso Stain)
Custom metal stand
Reef Octopus 3000S skimmer
(4) unit Ai Sol lighting w/ fixture hanging system
AI Sol Controller (wireless option available)
Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Sterilizer (57 watt bulb)
Danner 24 sump pump
(5) Hydor Koralia 1500 powerheads

500 lbs. of mixed Premium live rock (Fuji, Haitian, Tonga, base)
Miscellaneous Zoe’s
4 Rare torch corals
Rare pink star polyps
Green Star polyps and more. . .

Yellow Tang, Maroon Clown, Foxface, Midas Blenny, Copperband Butterfly, Coral Beauty, Engineer Goby, Diamond Goby, Blue Hippo Tang, Kole Yellow Eye Tang, pair of Purple Firefish, pink Anthias, purple dottyback, and more…

We have over $17,000 invested in this tank, but we’re moving and have priced it low for a quick sale. Serious inquiries only. Call/text five six one 693-8071 Shawn

giant aquariums

Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher

Aquariums Daily by Tri-fisher

Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher


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