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185 gallon round aquarium with custom artificial coral reef inserts made by Living Color Aquariums – the guys on the TV show Fish Tank Kings! They look 100% real and are used at huge aquarium exhibits around the world like the Georgia Aquarium! Tank is currently salt water and could easily be converted to fresh water. Comes with all working parts, including an extra protein skimmer. This tank cost over $15,000 new including reefs and equipment. I have used it for less than 2 years. Call, text or email for more information today!
☎ 3057767969

Vendo acuario de agua salada más de 1500 dólares en equipos 200 libras de rocas vivas 100 libras de arena 15 corales 6 peses luces led nuevas y mucho más si le interesa me pude llamar al 3058779037 negocios bienvenidos


Awesome floor to ceiling aquarium includes everything fits right into the corner of your dead space- serious inquiries only-
its a big tank- have a truck to move –

lots of extra rock to go with it- haven’t started growing live coral yet so good time to move- it’s 300 gallons about 8ft tall 6 feet across witch custom cabinet- it breaks down easily completely to 5 pieces.
will include 60 gallon complete set up nursery tanks

habla español- Hazell- 786-252-6520


4x4x10″ solid glass tanks!! $500ea….$300 cash today possible trade

More tanks to list…

NEW 44” D x 90” H cylinders out of ½” acrylic $7500 each

Sarah Fleming
Inventory Manager / Social Media

Info at:
Fish Gallery, Inc.

Houston | Dallas | Austin | San Antonio | Denver | McAllen

Aquariums — $7500 eachReynolds Cylinders – Brand New

Fish Gallery, Inc.

Houston | Dallas | Austin | San Antonio | Denver | McAllen I Orlando I S. Florida

Dallas, Texas

IMG_4097 (2) IMG_4098 (1)

We have yet another aquarium to list if it’s ok!

This is a three tier glass waterfall aquarium 64″ length, 40″ width, and tier heights of 20″ 17″ and 14″

Stainless steel stand included

Asking $2500!

Thank you

Fish Gallery, Inc.

Inventory Manager / Social Media


Huge Aquarium, 4ft Tall tank, 400gl, It’s a beautify – $1700

Huge Aquarium for Sale ONLY $1,700
(Won’t go lower, cash only)

SaltWater or FreshWater Aquarion

• It’s a beautiful tank.
The tank is 4 feet deep, the cabinet + the tank + the canopy is almost 8 feet tall.

• Beautiful cabinet.

• 48″ Tall tank, 400gl is a very large aquarium. (Volume show calculations 387 Gallons).

• Made of 1″ thick acrylic.

• The tank has one FIX issue ( was one crack that never leak) on one corner. The corner has been reinforce by a 1″X 2″ acrylic.

• The Aquarium Includes:
1. – Sump with biospheres (see picture)
2. – Cabinet and hood
3. – Lots of reef rocks (dry)

Important things to consider:
• The aquarium will not fit in a truck, you need to bring a trailer to pick up. (I won’t deliver)
• The tank will is approximate 48″ wide, so plan on how you will bring this in to a house. (Need a double door or through a big window)
• The aquarium is extremely heavy, to pick up you need to come with 6 strong guys and everyone has to use 2 suction cups to be able to lift the tank. (Suction cups can be buy online at “harbor freight”)

  • ☎ 4807798507 Ernesto
  • Price drop $1200!! Call now

unnamed3 unnamed1 unnamed2

#1-(pictured)-I have a 500 gallon acrylic saltwater tank with 12 turbo heads, titanium heater, UV sterilizer, protein skimmer, sump. A lighting system that will light up your home $5000obo, I live Reno NV 7753785089 Johnny call for pics, must pick up.

#2-I have a huge 500 gallon acrylic tank, but show tank, it’s a tall. I’d like to sell with all top of the line accessories, UV sterilizers, heaters, sump. I live in Reno and I’m only asking $5000obo also have a protein skimmer octopus, reflow pump, wave maker, Cup electronics- tells you when your water is low. Looks  exactly like one I’m selling, it’s in the back of my garage covered up with a cover and I don’t want to uncover it, so I don’t think anybody will notice.

Motivated seller! Might trade one tank for a large cylinder tank + cash. Call for details…


My in wall ocean is up for sale. I am only selling because I plan on building a new house in the next couple of months and will need to sale this house before moving….I will build another monster tank in the new house but the logistics of the move won’t allow me to keep this one. This is a 610 gallon all glass aquarium with 3 overflows that are built in. The tank comes with all the glass tops and the following.

300 gallon acrylic sump….yes that’s makes this a 900 gallon system
3 little giant return pumps.
75 gallon refugium inside the sump that is full of macro algae.
Asm G6 skimmer that is nearly 4′ tall
5stage RO/DI unit that is hooked to a brute trash can that gravity feeds the sump for water top off.
600 lbs of live rock
500 lbs of live sand
4 AI vega lights with 1 remote
Apex gold system including 3 upgraded probes
BRS. 3 stage dosing pump
2 jaebo power heads
1 mini fridge to store food
1 mini portable ac unit used to keep temp down
4 250 watt heaters
Metal framed stand that is 3′ tall.
275 gallon tub to make saltwater in
10 misc water totes with lids
Test kits
6 Hanna checkers

Tank dimensions are:
11 foot long
3 foot deep
30 inches tall

Livestock include:
1 XXL Vlamingi tang w/streamers
1 XL Naso tang w/streamers
1. XXL gold spot rabbit fish
1 XL magnificent fox face
1 XL regal tang
1 XL sailfin tang
2 L. Yellow tangs
1 Pink square anthias
2 Blue reef chromies
5 Black/white ocelleris clown
11 Orange/black ocelleris clown
1 Valentini puffer fish

1 XL Green monti cap
4 Colonies of frogspawn that total 30 heads
2 Colonies of Duncan that total 25 heads
1 Small rock do green mushrooms
1 Piece of colt coral
1 Small colony of candy cane coral


  • ☎ 8174545268
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Always do 25% water change at least every month.Vacuum gravel, clean filter once a month. High quality food, and feed every other day, will bring success in this hobby!

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Tanks 300gal.+ by Trifisher


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